The following events will be offered during Term One. Online registrations for all events will be available from the beginning of February 2018.

26 Feb-2 March Education Specific Five-Day Introductory OSH Course
8-9 March Education Specific Two-Day Refresher OSH Course
8 March Managing Workload – Understand Your Rights: Schools
12-13 March Women’s Contact Officer Training Level One: Schools and TAFE
14 March Aspirant School Leaders’ Forum # 1
15-16 March Union Representative and Committee Delegates Training: TAFE
17 March (Sat) Writing Applications for Teaching Positions
19 March Assertiveness for Women in the Workplace: Schools and TAFE
21 March Early Childhood Education Forum # 1
22-23 March Union Representative Training Level Two: Schools
27-28 March Union Representative Training Level One: Schools
6 April School Leaders' Forum # 1