eNews - 7 June 2017


Increased DoE mailbox sizes

Members, your voices have been heard! After regularly raising our members frustrations and ire with DoE over exceptionally limited email box sizes, DoE have announced the increase of email boxes to 2GB!

We know this has been an area of great dissatisfaction amongst our school membership. We acknowledge all members who have continued to raise this issue, your contribution has made this possible.

SSTUWA Professional Events – School Holidays

Join us for any of the 10 great learning opportunities offered during the school holidays including:

  • P&N Financial Planning: Pre-Retirement Seminar (Half Day) Read More
  • Returning to Work from Parental/Maternity Leave Read More
  • Using Interactive Whiteboards: A Basic Introduction Read More
  • Expanding your S.T.E.M. e-Resources Toolkit: K-6 Read More