eNews - Wednesday 4 May

4 May 2016

Violence concerns, Your Better Picture, Reporting help, Nominations are in, Education and training

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Concern over reports of violent incidents in WA schools

3 May 2016

​The State School Teachers’ Union has called for the State Government to re-invest in student support programs, after reports of dozens of violent incidents in WA schools this year.

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Turnbull's budget fails fairness test and abandons disadvantaged students

3 May 2016

Yesterday’s Federal Budget has confirmed that Malcolm Turnbull will abandon needs-based Gonski funding and turn his back on disadvantaged schools and their students.

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Turnbull's schools funding plan abandons Gonski and short changes students

2 May 2016

​Malcolm Turnbull’s school funding policy will hurt students by not delivering the full Gonski funding our schools need, the AEU said today.

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New research shows $72 billion benefit of educating disadvantaged students

29 April 2016

​New economic research demonstrates the links between disadvantage and poor performance at school, and the value of properly educating all students, the AEU said today.

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eNews - Wednesday 27 April 2016

27 April 2016

Curriculum survey, Are you enrolled?, A host of events, Education and training

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Principals survey confirms growing crisis in disability funding

18 April 2016

​New AEU research has found that 17.7 per cent of students in public schools have a disability or learning difficulty which requires funded support, and that 77 per cent of principals say their budgets lack the resources to provide it.

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Guaranteed funding for TAFEs must be an election issue

15 April 2016

​State and Federal Governments must guarantee TAFEs at least 70 per cent of overall VET funding and limit government subsidies to private providers, the AEU said today.

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Why we need a full inquiry into the VET FEE-HELP disaster

13 April 2016

It has become clear that the Federal Government is funding a vocational education system which rewards private providers for signing up vulnerable Australians so why hasn't there been a full inquiry into how the VET FEE-HELP scheme has been abused.

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Leaders eNews - Wednesday 6 April

6 April 2016

Student behaviour, IPS review, Reporting, Organiser

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