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Dear Union Reps/ Members  

Special Executive Meeting 23.6.11 ... EXECUTIVE REJECTS ‘DoE 20 JUNE OFFER’

Executive considered the ‘DoE 20 June Offer’ at a Special Executive meeting on Wednesday 23.6.11.

Executive has rejected the ‘DoE 20 June Offer’ and will advise the Director General accordingly. This was a unanimous decision.

Executive formed the view that the ‘DoE 20 June Offer’ has not responded in any positive way to the SSTUWA 2011June State Council positions [see Communication 17, 14 June 2011].

Click here for Communication 17, 14 June 2011

The quantum is inadequate. DoE is still persisting with a proposed 3 year Agreement and yet is indicating further change is on the horizon for teachers and school leaders.

Today the Health Services Union was offered 12+% over three years. Other public sector unions have also been offered more than the Government has seen fit to offer teachers and school leaders.

This ‘DoE 20 June Offer’ can only be described as inadequate – consider matters such as the impact of the ongoing mining expansion on the cost of living in W.A., rising amenities costs, teacher and school leader shortages and the ongoing changes being implemented in our workplaces.

For further details see:

Click here for Communication 19, 23 June 2011

Meetings are being convened next week to provide greater detail on the ‘DoE 20 June Offer’ and the reasoning behind Executive’s decision. For meeting details see:

Click here for Hub Meeting Schedule

Yours sincerely 
Anne Gisborne

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