OCTOBER 30, 2019

The Beaumaris play forum was a great success with teachers coming to share and be inspired by other early childhood teachers in what strategies and activities they could employ in their class and schools.

Many teachers were eager to go and see the classrooms, so Kristy generously opened up her classroom which gave teachers more of a specific understanding of play-based learning.

We started the forum explaining the Play is Learning campaign and moved quickly into developing and sharing what strategies each teachers used to underwrite play-based learning in the CLASS, TEAM and SCHOOL.

Some of the outstanding at the class level were (more detail below):

  • Blocks / Construction
  • No Formal Rotations
  • Discovery Time
  • Incidental Learning
  • Themes – child directed

Some of the outstanding at the team level were (more detail below):

  • Collab DOTT
  • Shared resources
  • Outdoor play program
  • Collaborative planning each week – ie. assessment, team meeting
  • Sharing resources

Some of the outstanding at the school level were (more detail below):

  • Longer recess (40mins) and lunchtimes (1 hour) for K-2
  • Buddies
  • Outdoor Classroom Day
  • Peer coaching
  • Nature Play
  • Inviting outdoor play areas to encourage different types of play


Amy Nelson, Springfield PS: Flower Shop

Dramatic play: included maths, labelled and priced items accordingly, modelling examples, call to order flowers. Note pads to write orders, Shapes, longer shorter. Big space, 6 students and depends on how they are working. Students have ownership of recording rules.

Class Tour

Pre-primary student Luke writing:

From this at the start of the year: To this: