NOVEMBER 13, 2019

The Lakelands play forum was a great success. Teachers came to share and be inspired by other early childhood teachers on what strategies and activities they could employ in their class and schools.

We started the forum explaining the Play is Learning campaign and moved quickly into developing and sharing what strategies each teachers uses to underwrite play-based learning in the CLASS, TEAM and SCHOOL.

This data will be used to help the Union develop a template for teachers and administration to work together to develop a play statement or policy at their school.

Play strategies, policies and statement session:

Some of the outstanding at the class level were (more detail below):

  • Small world
  • Common scope and sequence
  • Individual planning
  • Small world trays
  • Change dramatic play areas regularly

Some of the outstanding at the team level were (more detail below):

  • Planned outside play and ‘theme’ shed
  • Buddy classes
  • Planned outside play for lunch and recess– eg, dress up station, loose parts, dramatic play; gross motor, fine motor, construction, gardening

Some of the outstanding at the school level were (more detail below):

  • Supportive admin
  • Playground budgets
  • Fundraising for play equipment
  • Not enough recess and lunch time for play – admin extending play for children who need it

Example of play-based learning:

Ruth Watt, Meadow Springs PS

I set up a ‘space station with the student. They contribute the ideas towards it. I bring in a big (fridge for example) cardboard box and open it up. The students decide what the opened (broken up so that it is a long sheet of cardboard bent in four segments but opened up) up box will be used for. It could be a rocket or a control room or something else. The students write signs needed for the space station and design how it will look, eg, buttons, a microphone, switches. They make the equipment, like space helmets, jet packs etc. They practice how to walk around on the moon or how you would float in space. We also make planets and asteroids and ‘space things’ too. We explore the planets and other questions that they have about space.

Jessica Dunn, Meadow Springs PS

Ice Cream shop Dramatic Play

  • Tissue paper – ice cream flavours
  • Cash register to pay
  • Menus
  • Price list
  • Role lanyards
  • Dolls to buy ice creams for
  • Bowls/spoons
  • Cones
  • Things to add – sprinkles, sauce, nuts, banana slices, cherries
  • Order forms for ice cream/sundae/milk shakes
  • Resources from little lifelong learners

We did a role play with the teachers and assistant to demonstrate the procedure for ordering ice cream. How to fill out the order form; to pay for the order. Then if you are the scooper (worker) we showed the children how to fill the order and serve it to your customer