NOVEMBER 20, 2019

The Geraldton play forum was a great success with teachers coming from all over the Geraldton area coming to share and be inspired by other early childhood teachers in what strategies and activities they could employ in their class and schools.

Play strategies, policies and statement session:

Some of the outstanding at the class level were (more detail below):

  • Free class teacher up to be able to join play
  • Avoid constant packing away so play can continue after instruction time
  • Easels, dress ups, play dough, still there but underutilised.
  • Play stations

Some of the outstanding at the team level were (more detail below):

  • Source of materials to encourage better cooperative play and reduce rough play
  • Desire to develop a plan for play is shared, including education support staff
  • Meetings for planning
  • Budget for resources

Some of the outstanding at the school level were (more detail below):

  • Collaborative sessions
  • Informed admin and engaged
  • Lunch/recess play ideas – scooters etc
  • Role of facilitators’ knowledge of which children play together, where and issues, catering for needs, interests, SEN. Whole school knowledge and advocacy of play.

Play statement resource kit – what would you like to see?

We then asked teachers what would be helpful for them if a kit or resources were developed they said:

  • Storage
  • Sandpit
  • Tinkering materials
  • Time – we used to have EA time to prep and plan in K/P.
  • Resources for tuff trays, animals, grass, stones etc
  • Frames for creating cubbies with fabrics