NOVEMBER 6, 2019

The Albany play forum was a great success. Teachers came to share and be inspired by other early childhood teachers on what strategies and activities they could employ in their class and schools.

We started the forum explaining the Play is Learning campaign and moved quickly into developing and sharing what strategies each teachers uses to underwrite play-based learning in the CLASS, TEAM and SCHOOL.

This data will be used to help the Union develop a template for teachers and administration to work together to develop a play statement or policy at their school.

Play strategies, policies and statement session:

Some of the outstanding at the class level were (more detail below):

  • Board games – social play / learning
  • Areas – Home corner, blocks, construction etc
  • Opportunities to role play – multi age classroom
  • Open-ended
  • Free choice activities while small groups work with staff

Some of the outstanding at the team level were (more detail below):

  • Outdoor Play Stations
  • Obstacle course set up
  • Multi-level craft (box construction, drawing) rotations
  • Outdoor Play – varied, changing, extra play spaces / activities each week. K and PP classes
  • Each class takes turns each week to plan outdoor area.

Some of the outstanding at the school level were (more detail below):

  • “My Place” garden area, combined play area for PP – many different toys/ play experiences for children to choose
  • New boat and jetty in Year 1/2 area
  • Lunch 35 mins 20mins Play
  • Recess 15mins 25mins