eNews - 19 March 2020 - COVID-19 concerns raised with National Cabinet


COVID-19 concerns raised with National Cabinet

The SSTUWA has through the Australian Education Union written to the Prime Minister raising a number of issues around keeping schools open during the COVID-19 crisis.

Key issues raised include but are not limited to:

  • The urgent need for soap, hand cleanser and toilet paper deliveries if schools are to remain open.
  • The impossibility of social distancing in a school setting.
  • Additional cleaning services ensuring all frequently touched surfaces and equipment are cleaned and sanitised.
  • Working from home provisions for vulnerable staff – including those with chronic illnesses, immune-compromised, are high risk or are pregnant.
  • Maintenance of income for all permanent, temporary and casual public education employees.
  • The rejection of unrealistic expectations for delivering virtual lessons should schools be closed.

A briefing has been requested from the Chief Medical Officer and Federal Education Minister

The letter can be read in full here.