eNews - 30 March 2020 - COVID-19 TAFE update


30 March 2020

Thank you to delegates who were able to participate in the two teleconferences with the Department of Training and Workforce Development, and informally, to push the Government to allow Colleges to pause face to face delivery – our efforts were not wasted. Thank you also for the delegates' amazing work supporting members in very difficult circumstances.

The changes announced by the Minister are welcome. However, there is still a lot of work to do to make the changes work and to protect our members and students. The Minister’s full statement from Saturday can be found here.

Members need to be reminded that workload expectations need to be reasonable.

Members will need time to transition to other ways of delivering and assessing students and communicating with each other.

There will be different issues emerging for those moving to alternative delivery to those teaching in the areas that are to be exceptions. It will take time to resolve these issues. Not everything will be able to be completed during the pause.

The SSTUWA will continue to support members applying to work from home, those who need to minimise exposure by reducing time spent on campus and those with child care responsibilities.

The union will be regularly talking with colleges and DTWD to address issues and ensure that our members are able to continue working but in a way that protects their safety and health and balances their family needs during this emergency.

Managers need to be supportive, empathetic and work with members and delegates to find solutions.

Daily TAFE delegate teleconferences start Monday 30 March – 5pm every day – to share information and collate issues not able to be resolved at the local level.