Alternative Working Arrangements

The SSTUWA is undertaking urgent discussions with the Director General to address confusion over Alternative Working Arrangements.

Unfortunately there is considerable confusion at school level about entitlement to work from home on a medical basis. This follows new definitions of who is seen as “high risk” which were developed at National Cabinet.

At the same time discussions are underway to clarify the staffing requirements for Term 2. These may well be informed by decisions at National Cabinet tomorrow.

We understand the frustrations of members, but decisions are being taken nationally in the context of an unprecedented situation.

We aim to give members a full update as soon as possible.

Education and Training

Online learning opportunities

Be part of the SSTUWA online professional learning community and benefit from interacting with educators from across Australia in a safe environment. All events are live and are 60 minutes in duration. Register now for Term 2 events including but not limited to:

  • Emotional Regulation and Early Childhood Learning: Click here
  • My Career - Women in Teaching, Building a Career in Education: Click here
  • My Wellbeing - Learning to say NO in a Professional Manner: Click here
  • Literacy in the Classroom - Strategies to Support Struggling Readers: Click here
  • Literacy in the Secondary Classroom - Strategies for Improving Reading and Writing: Click here
  • Including and Developing Knowledge of Aboriginal Perspectives in Daily Practice: Click here