Educational rights of women and girls

The SSTUWA is committed to promoting gender equity in educational settings to bring about a safe and challenging learning environment for all students.

The SSTUWA, within the context of supporting gender equity in education, specifically draws attention to the educational rights of women and girls as being a fundamental human right, one that is not currently universally accessible.

The SSTUWA believes that the implementation of gender equity strategies for students can only be successful when inequalities and gender segmentation within the teaching workforce are eliminated. We cannot ignore the contradictions between the stated objectives of gender equity policies and the reinforcement of gender stereotypes that occurs whilst women are hindered in gaining or accessing leadership positions.

Studies continue to show that women are less likely than men to apply for promotion. Work overload, stress and family responsibilities are the three main reasons that prevent women from applying for a promotional position.

What can I do?

  • Read and distribute the SSTUWA’s policy on Gender Equity in Educational Settings, including clause 4.3 – Educational Rights of Women and Girls. Polices can be found at or by clicking here.
  • Support women members to apply for further education and training opportunities.
  • Support and encourage women members to apply for promotional positions.

Updated March 2019