Women's contact officer role

The position of women’s contact officer is a formal position within the SSTUWA branch structure.

Branch positions, including women’s contact officer, are elected by the branch/worksite members at the start of every year.

Applicable State School Teachers’ Union of WA rules:

Rule 21 (b) Branch Committees

(iv) In recognition of women’s lower participation rate in the union structures a position of women’s contact officer be established which, as an affirmative action strategy, is open to women members only.

(v) The women’s contact officer shall work in conjunction with the union representative/deputy representative and branch committee to encourage participation of women members within the union structures.

The women’s contact officer has a key role in her workplace by:

  • Providing information about women’s issues and gender equity.
  • Promoting women’s issues.
  • Providing opportunities for women’s voices to be heard.

Different women choose to take on this role in a variety of ways, depending on their skills, the culture of their worksite and their relationship with their colleagues. It is critical that women undertaking this role have the chance and the choice to make the position one which works in their situation.

Listed below are examples of possible roles:

  • A branch/worksite contact person on women’s issues, gender and equity.
  • Be an active member of your branch/worksite.
  • Work with the union rep to ensure equal participation for women at your worksite.
  • Be a support person for others, for example supporting members in meetings.
  • Learn more about gender equity and women’s issues by participating in SSTUWA training and encourage other women members to do the same.
  • Be actively involved in SSTUWA branch meetings and/or District Council and State Council meetings.
  • Develop solidarity amongst women members in your branch.

Updated March 2019