What is the SSTUWA?

Since 1898 the SSTUWA has been the industrial and professional voice of the Western Australian public school and TAFE teaching profession. The SSTUWA gives members a strong voice in the workplace, the WA Department of Education, the government and within the community. We do this by collectively negotiating better pay, improved conditions, safe working environments and employment security. We also advocate for the teaching profession and public education, provide development opportunities for members, and campaign for improved opportunities for WA public school and TAFE students. SSTUWA members are part of the Australian Education Union (AEU), representing members nationally.

Protecting and improving our industrial and professional rights.

The SSTUWA is the only organisation recognised to represent the industrial and professional interests of all educators in WA public schools and TAFEs. This includes teachers, school leaders, school psychologists, swimming instructors and TAFE lecturers. The teaching profession is a collaborative, collegial one and the SSTUWA is best placed to advocate on behalf of members to ensure the integrity and quality of public education is protected and defended. With members’ participation, the union negotiates improvements in your salaries, entitlements and conditions. Your current and long term interests are at the centre of everything we do. The larger the membership base, the more powerful the SSTUWA is at the bargaining table. The SSTUWA supports members when the need arises. However, this assistance is only available if you are a financial member at the time an issue arises. It is not available after the event.

Promoting high quality public education for all.

The SSTUWA believes that high quality, free, accessible public education is the fundamental right of every Australian. Our union is the peak body for all WA public school and TAFE educators. With members’ input, the SSTUWA proactively lobbies to protect and improve your professional conditions and by doing so, seeks to continually improve the learning conditions for students. Your union provides a strong voice in political forums, and with the active involvement of members, the SSTUWA and our national union, the Australian Education Union, have grown to become well-respected authorities in the educational arena locally, nationally and internationally.

What’s a union?

The purpose of a union is to look after the rights and best interests of members at work and within the community. When workers join together to form a union, they are significantly stronger than when working as individuals. Without a union, you are on your own.

Unionised workplaces enjoy higher salaries, safer working conditions, more control over workload and extra benefits. Over the years, unions in Australia have achieved significant conditions such as:

  • Workers’ compensation.
  • Occupational safety and health laws.
  • Long service leave.
  • Annual holidays.
  • Superannuation.
  • Paid sick leave and parental leave.
  • Workplace amenities.
  • Family and domestic violence leave.

Updated March 2019