Brain-Based Strategies for Effective Teaching, Learning & Well-Being (K-12)

12 places available

Start:  Tuesday 17 January 2023 - 9.00am

Finish: Tuesday 17 January 2023 - 4.00pm

Location:  SSTUWA building, 1 West Street, West Perth WA 6005 (off Thomas Street)


About the course

Re-imagine education, with the Daily Dozen for Teaching, Learning and Wellbeing: 12 Brain-Based holistic topics to help teach engaging, empowering, enjoyable and effective lessons will be presented by one of Australia's leading educational neuroscience specialist teachers.

Education is enhanced by teachers when they have a clear understanding of how student brains work, learn, remember & grow. But, it is most effective when teachers use this knowledge with real students, in real classrooms, in their daily teaching practices. 

This workshop will give you the confidence to easily plan or adapt enjoyable lessons that lead to less-stressed and better-behaved students, who are more engaged and motivated, and who learn and remember more effectively. When we as teachers use cutting-edge brain-science & psychology for teaching and learning, we improve staff & student well-being. By reducing some of the leading causes of teacher & student stress, we also dramatically improve our ability to teach effectively. This enables our students' brains to learn more successfully.

Tammy-Anne is a qualified teacher and semi-finalist in the 2020 WA Teaching Excellence Awards.  She is an accredited social and emotional learning trainer, consultant and co-author, and an educational neuroscience specialist.

This course links to the Australia Student Wellbeing Framework, and ACARA's Personal and Social Capabilities, as well as addressing all seven AITSL standards.  It also connects with STEAM, Positive Behaviour Schools (PBS), Social ad Emotional Learning (SEL), PERMA, Positive Education, Visible Learning, Mind-Brain Education and Growth-Mindset.


What you will Learn

  • Exactly how to engage, motivate, and excite students in the learning process in any subject.
  • How to make your teaching memorable & meaningful; increase curiosity & creativity; boost focus & attention; improve student voice & choice; & beat boredom - and why these are essential for effective teaching, learning & well-being.
  • How to manage your own teacher stress & improve your holistic health & well-being.
  • Exactly what to do and say, to make teaching and learning as ENJOYABLE & EFFECTIVE as possible - based on cutting edge brain science & psychology.
  • How to produce the chemicals & processes needed to facilitate enhanced learning & memory.
  • The Educational Neuroscience & Psychology link between learning & well-being.
  • The impact of movement, music, art, thoughts & emotions, diet, environment & sleep - on a learning brain.
  • How to minimise student stress & bad behaviour & maximise student well-being & academic achievement.


$ 120 : Members: Part Time/Relief/Student
$ 240 : Members: Full Time
$ 385 : Non-Members


Morning tea and lunch provided.


Tammy-Anne Caldwell and Todd Budden
Above and Beyond Education

Nominated Audience

Early Childhood, Primary & Secondary Teachers

Professional Standards for Teachers in Western Australia

This training relates to the following standards :

Standard 1 - Know students and how they learn.
Standard 2 - Know the content and how to teach it.
Standard 3 - Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning.
Standard 4 - Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments.
Standard 7 - Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community.