Dear Teacher

The Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia (TRBWA) recognises there is uncertainty and disruption as a result of COVID-19 for teachers and the wider community. The Board is very aware of the extraordinary efforts that are being made by teachers to maintain delivery of educational opportunities to Western Australia’s children.

In response to this situation, the Board is implementing the following measures over the coming weeks to provide some regulatory relief to all registered teachers.

Registration expiry date of all registered teachers to be extended by 6 months

As a teacher currently listed on the Register of Teachers, you will receive a 6 month extension to your registration. This is currently being implemented and it is planned you will see a change in your registration expiry date in a few weeks.

You do not need to do anything to receive this registration extension. The TRBWA will still send you a 6 month renewal reminder to coincide with your new expiry date.

When the new expiry date is updated by the TRBWA, you will be able to view your new expiry date via Teacher Login on the TRBWA website under ‘Registration Details’. Principals will be able to view teachers’ new expiry dates in the Teacher Registration Information Professional (TRIP) once expiry dates are updated by the TRBWA.

Please note, this is separate from the requirement to pay the Annual Fee.

Annual fee due date extended to 31 May 2020

It is acknowledged that most teachers have already paid the annual fee. For those who have not yet paid, the annual fee due date has been extended from 31 March 2020 to 31 May 2020.

Temporary TRBWA reception closure

In the interests of maintaining a work environment that limits risk to health and safety to our customers and staff, the TRBWA has temporarily closed its reception. The TRBWA can still be contacted by email, or by telephone on (08) 9223 9100, country callers 1300 652 911, to provide you with essential services and support.

Finally, on behalf of the Board, please stay safe and well during this challenging time.

Yours sincerely

Richard Miles

Teacher Registration Board of Western Australia

Level 9, 20 Walters Drive Osborne Park WA 6017
PO Box 1416 Osborne Park DC WA 6916
Telephone (08) 9223 9100 Facsimile (08) 9223 9150