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Connections artwork

The artwork

This bright and colourful artwork was created by Wandandi Noongar and Ait Koedal artist and designer, Tyrown Waigana.

The artwork features many different colours and patterns to represent the rich diversity of the Western Australian education community, with the connections symbol being reused across the state.

Central to the artwork is the shape of Western Australia, within which the state’s diverse communities are connected to form a strong network.

Connections symbol

There are various elements to the artwork including the connections symbol which is representative of community, teachers and students.

The two layered central circle illustrates the teachers and the smaller spheres around this are their students.

The line connecting the small circles with the double layered central circles displays the connection they make.

This symbol has been extracted from the graphic and artwork.

The artist

The Wandandi Noongar and Ait Koedal artist and designer, Tyrown Waigana, behind this incredible artwork is a former WA public school student.

He attended Coolbellup Primary School, Coolbellup Community School and Hamilton Senior High School and is now a multidisciplinary creator who takes on various projects within the community.

The mediums Mr Waigana works with include design, illustration, painting, animation and sculpture and some of his major achievements include designing the 2020 NAIDOC Week poster.

For more information on Mr Waigana, visit his website: