“We will never give up and we will never give in until we win Fair Funding Now! for public schools. Thank you to our wonderful supporters for your incredible work. We look forward to continuing the fight with you. You are amazing!

“The fact the Federal Coalition had to put signs up on polling booths about school funding shows that our campaign was successful in making school funding a key election issue.

“We have not yet reached our goals of achieving Fair Funding Now! for public schools across the country. The election of the Morrison Government means that inequality will now be entrenched, because public schools will not reach 100 % of the national resource standard by 2023, while private schools will be at or above it.

“Our campaign continues until we reach our objectives. We know that we have widespread support in our school communities which gives us hope of a future where our public schools are funded properly.

“We commend Labor and the Greens for their strong support for public education. The challenge now is to see if Scott Morrison and his government are prepared to make the same commitment for the future of our children.”

Correna Haythorpe, Federal President, Australian Education Union