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For Every Child

Equitable funding of public schools in Australia is the only way to ensure every child gets every opportunity to succeed. Now we’re closer than ever.

It’s time to fully fund public schools, For Every Child.

Thanks to the tireless activism of members like you, public school funding is on the national agenda.

Principals and teachers are delivering a great education for students in public schools, but they are being asked to do too much with too little. Chronic underfunding of public education is leading to unsustainable workloads, and more and more teachers are leaving the profession early.

Across Australia, 98 per cent of public schools are still resourced below the minimum amount schools need to meet the needs of every child, which is the nationally agreed Schooling Resource standard (SRS).

Now is our chance to make this right.

The future funding of every public school is being decided by politicians in the next 12 months. It's more important now than ever to stand up for public schools and call for 100 per cent of the SRS by 2028.

Full funding of Australia’s public schools will mean that every child will have access to a high- quality education no matter their circumstances. And it means:

  • Smaller class sizes and more intensive support for children at risk of falling behind.
  • More specialist support to help children with learning difficulties and complex needs.
  • More time for teachers to collaborate on the best ways to meet the needs of every child in their school.

Achieving fully funded public schools is going to take all of us. Will you lend your voice and share this call with your friends and family?

Our children and teachers are giving 100 per cent. We need politicians to do the same. Join us.

In hope,

Correna Haythorpe
AEU Federal President

Find more information on the For Every Child campaign here and sign up here.

Road trip for funding

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