COVID-19 and cleaning in schools

DoE has provided extra funding to schools so that they can enable enhanced cleaning to occur in schools to manage the risk of COVID-19.1

Cleaning requirements:

There is information on IKON on what additional cleaning measures need to be undertaken by cleaning staff at your school. This has been updated at the start of Term 1 2022 in response to the Omicron outbreak.2

Access the information on IKON here

Keep in mind, the health and safety rep (HSR) has the right to discuss cleaning standards and allocations with the principal as the staff representative as outlined in the DoE OSH Resolution Process.The SSTUWA recommends this is done in writing and with reasonable notice and collaboratively in the first instance.

Schools can ensure they meet enhanced cleaning requirements by making sure they have enough cleaning FTE to do this. There are three ways in which a school can achieve this:4

  • Increase FTE of current cleaners at the school either through increasing hours of part-time staff or paying overtime to full-time staff
  • Employ additional cleaning staff
  • Engage cleaning services through a contract (a list of potential cleaning contractors is available on IKON)

Schools have been allocated additional cleaning allocations for the start of Term 1 2022. Information can be found on IKON with allocations for specific schools listed.

If you are having issues at your school in engaging additional cleaning FTE or accessing the additional cleaning allocations, please contact the SSTUWA and we can assist where possible to ensure that this is resolved. Contact the SSTUWA either via email or phone to Member Assist: | 08 9210 6060

Ensure you provide your name, school, membership number and brief overview of the issue.



3Occupational Safety and Health Procedures (D18/0019186), DoE, 16/4/19.


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