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Western Teacher

Why we do what we do

Heather Gerrard
Union delegate, Exmouth District High School


Exmouth District High School branch delegate Heather Gerrard has sent this message to the union, fellow members and to all public educators across WA. We agree with Heather’s sentiments and it reiterates why we do what we do for our members and public education in this state.

The Exmouth District High School branch of the SSTUWA recently met to discuss a range of issues and the election of office bearers for 2022.

We discussed the importance of solidarity at a time when the union is in discussions, for all teaching staff, to create the new agreement.

They have successfully lobbied for the removal of the salary cap and with this should come salary increases for all teaching staff, not just union members.

They are seeking an increase in the air conditioning allowance. Again this would be for all teaching staff, not just union members.

They are advocating for our health, safety and well-being during the increasing risk of COVID in WA. The work they do is for the collective. Not just the union members.

With this in mind if you are considering becoming a union member then now is the time. This will send a stronger message to the WA Government that teachers are essential and united, and not just important for economic reasons.

Membership is partially tax refundable and offers peace of mind should you need legal advice or support whilst undertaking your employment. This support is available to you if you are a union member, but it is not retrospective.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please don’t hesitate to ask someone who is already a union member.

If you aren’t sure who is a member of the SSTUWA please consider asking myself or one of the office bearers for information or at least the direction to head.

I believe passionately in the power of the collective and at this turbulent time in teaching it is even more important to stand in solidarity with colleagues.

Yours in education,

Heather Gerrard,
Union delegate, Exmouth District High School