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Western Teacher

October 2022

From the President 

Regaining a voice for public education

Teachers know best on what is happening in schools right now. Consider this quote, which comes from one of over 400 school leaders and union reps who completed our survey Managing Teacher Relief in WA Public Schools: “Teacher burnout is very real, resulting from the continuous system-wide demands that assume we are working under normal conditions.'' With rolling waves of staff members having to isolate the reality of the situation is that we are exhausted just managing to keep the core teaching and learning operating. Add to that NAPLAN, the running of events, reporting to parents, performance management, SEN reporting, NCCR reporting etc. and you have a perfect storm for mental and emotional burn-out.

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National education and union news

The Australian Education Union has warmly welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of 180,000 fee free TAFE places, made during his Jobs and Skills Summit opening address last month.
An estimated $111 billion can be generated every year by cutting gender inequality at work by half, according to a new report from the ACTU.

From the Senior Vice President 

New data from the Australian Education Union has highlighted the Morrison Government’s failure to take responsibility for TAFE.


Prime Minister Anthony Albanese says that increasing productivity is a priority for the Labor Government. A key component of increasing productivity is improving workforce knowledge and skills.
The immediacy of today’s vivid news cycle as Russia invades Ukraine has not spared our children. In our youth, caring adults often buffered us from disturbing topics like war, nuclear threats and human cruelty.
A major federal government review into how we train our teachers was released earlier this year.
With the registration of the Schools General Agreement (GA) 2021, I thought this an opportune moment to look at the changes that will benefit women, particularly the new clause in part eight of the GA 2021, personal leave clause 33.
Senior teacher status was developed after it was recognised there was a need to retain competent and experienced teachers in duties directly associated with classroom teaching and learning, and to reward the excellent work and professionalism of experienced classroom teachers who do not wish to move into an administrative role.
Growing up in Zimbabwe in a bilingual household, emphasis was always placed on education and hard work.
In August, Australia’s state and federal education ministers met with emotional teachers, who spoke of working on weekends and Mother’s Day to cope with unsustainable workloads – and how they were thinking about leaving the profession
All staff are extremely stressed, overworked and exhausted.