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Western Teacher

Volume 50.7 - September 2021

Log of Claims (Schools)

The work of teaching and leading

The following forms part of the Schools General Agreement 2021 Log of Claims, particularly in relation to teaching and school leadership.

Class sizes

  • A reduction in pre-primary class size to 24 (currently 25-27).
  • A reduction in class sizes in years 4-10 to 28.
  • That Table A General Class Sizes be amended by the replacement of the current Mixed Years band with the following:Mixed Years:In any split class containing K students, there shall be no more than 14 K students.P/1 20P-3 233/4 234-10 2711-12 24

L3 DP administrative time

A specified administrative time allocation of 0.3FTE for primary deputy principals.

HOLA administrative time

An adjustment to the Student-Centred Funding Model to fund a specified administrative time of 0.4FTE for Heads of Learning Areas

Compliance reduction

A demonstrable commitment to the reduction of administration and compliance requirements to enable greater focus upon curriculum and instructional leadership.

Instructional coaches

Schools be resourced through the provision of a targeted initiative an Instructional Coach to support building the capacity of curriculum knowledge and instructional skill of teachers:

i. 0 – 100 students: 0.2FTE

ii. 101 – 300 students: 0.3FTE

iii. 301 – 600 students: 0.4FTE

iv. 601 – 800 students: 0.6FTE

v. 801 – 1000 students: 0.8 FTE

vi. 1,000+ students: 1.0 FTE

L3 Classroom Teacher time

All Level 3 Classroom Teachers be provided with 0.1FTE non-teaching time to assist with their primary role which is of a curriculum leadership nature.

School development days

Of the two school development days at the commencement of each school year, a minimum of half a day is reserved for work-related matters at the professional discretion of the employee.

Performance management

  • All schools to adhere to the negotiated performance management template as agreed between the parties to the GA.
  • The Student-Centred Funding Model be adjusted to allow for the funding of two 40 minute performance management meetings annually per FTE. These meetings to occur during the school day.

Relief teacher preparation

That relief teaching preparation for unforeseen absences by the class teacher for two days or less be limited to:

i. A copy of a daily work pad/relief folder

ii. Important only information for students at risk, (location of individual planning for example)

iii. Information which could affect student safety or well-being.

Support for teachers of SWDs in mainstream classes

Where a class has three or more students with an imputed or recognised disability an additional planning day per term will be provided to the class teacher and that this be provided for in the Student-Centred Funding Model.

Graduate teacher support

Graduate teachers in their first two years should not be used for internal relief needs unless there are no other available options.

Facilities management

Principals or delegated school leaders responsible for lease management of facilities to external bodies to receive an allowance agreed between the parties and Department of Education.

L3 principal admin time

Level 3 schools will be staffed to ensure that principals are not required to undertake any face-to-face teaching responsibilities.

Compensatory leave – principals

Principals are entitled to up to five days compensatory leave in recognition of the work required to be undertaken by principals when dealing with emergencies outside of normal working hours. The timing of such leave is to be negotiated with the employer.

Professional learning – principals

Centrally funded professional learning programs for school leaders will include the cost of:

i. Travel and accommodation, where attendees are regionally based;

ii. Teacher relief where attendance is at aspirant principal preparation programs (APPPs).

Data analyst position

Additional funding, equivalent to that of a level 3 school administrator, will be provided to all schools for the purpose of collecting, analysing and distributing school performance data, on the following basis:

i. 0 – 100 students: 0.2FTE

ii. 101 – 300 students: 0.3FTE

iii. 301 – 600 students: 0.4FTE

iv. 601 – 800 students: 0.6FTE

v. 801 – 1000 students: 0.8 FTE

vi. 1,000+ students: 1.0 FTE

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