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Western Teacher

Interim order win for union member

No one wants to be in a position where they have to make a workers’ compensation claim, not least because of the difficulty of taking legal action if the insurer denies the claim.

However, the process is less stressful for SSTUWA members because the union has retained Slater and Gordon lawyers to represent members with disputed claims on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Most claims resolve by negotiation, but where necessary, the union’s lawyers will take legal action to get a fair deal for members.

Recently, Slater and Gordon helped a member get an interim order for the insurer to pay weekly compensation.

Interim orders are hard to obtain, and in many cases, members have to use their sick leave or go without an income while waiting for a resolution of their claim.

However, in this case, despite opposition from the employer, Workcover WA ordered weekly payments for 12 weeks (the maximum available at any one time), pending the final determination of the claim.

The outcome will provide some financial relief for the member, and we hope it will encourage the employer to take a more flexible approach to future cases.

If you have made a workers’ compensation claim that the employer is disputing, please get in touch with Member Assist on 9210 6060 or 1800 106 683 for a referral to the union’s lawyers.