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Still time to have your say

Photo of review consultation session meeting
Review consultation session meeting.

We are well and truly underway into the year. 

As you would have seen, your union has commissioned an independent review into the current state of public education in WA.  

The SSTUWA Review of Public Education, chaired by former premier and education minister Carmen Lawrence, will not only identify the current issues impacting on our public education system in WA, but also look at the much needed practical and realistic solutions. 

Some of the factors the review will examine include the effect of state government policies on schools, the impact of Covid-19 and changes in reporting, community expectations, respect for the profession and accountability. 

They will also look at new research with existing research the SSTUWA had already undertaken in recent years.

We need this review to drive the push to elevate the status of public educators and ensure the sector receives the full resourcing that it needs.

It is a process that will involve working with the new education, training ministers, the state government and the Department of Education. 

Meetings with key groups in the education community have been set up with members of the review team. 

We know from our membership that teachers and school leaders have never experienced such serious challenges in our educational settings, and the impact of these can be felt in all part of our sector, including TAFE.

The review team wants to listen to the members of the community. This includes our First Nations voices, parents, education assistants, school boards and other associations. 

We urge you to encourage all of these groups to participate in the review.  
The public education review team have been attending District Councils and consultation meetings (see pictured above) to discuss why this independent review into public education in WA is so needed.

While this part of the process is drawing to a close, there is still time for you to have your say by entering submissions to the review via the website.

You can make a submission individually, as a union branch or as a school. The deadline for submissions to the review is 21 April. 

For more information, including the terms of reference regarding the review and how to respond, go to 

You and your communities know more than anyone else the changes that have occurred in WA. 

These are the everyday and long-term issues that affect your students, your colleagues and your workplace. 

They are the issues that if addressed, can propel public education and our profession forward. 

If ignored they are the same issues that will place a bind on the betterment of the system and those who teach, lead and learn within it.

It is vital that you have your say.

Headshot of Sharmila Nagar, Vice President

By Sharmila Nagar,
Vice President