25 February 2020
The national report into the debacle behind the 2019 NAPLAN online testing regime has shown that after a decade of NAPLAN it is time for it to go, and be replaced by an assessment mechanism that puts teaching and learning at its heart.
13 April 2018
The Australian Education Union (AEU) is calling on the Federal Government to commission an independent review of NAPLAN ahead of the Education Council meeting in Adelaide this morning.
13 December 2017
‚ÄčNAPLAN data released today adds to the growing body of evidence showing ongoing inequity is denying students from disadvantaged backgrounds the means to reach their full potential.
13 December 2017
New NAPLAN results for 2017 show continuing large achievement gaps between disadvantaged students and those from highly educated families. The gaps have increased between students from highly and lowly educated families since 2008, but have narrowed between high education status students and Indigenous students.
6 September 2017
SSTUWA members are aware that earlier this year, Minister for Education Sue Ellery determined that Western Australian schools would not participate in NAPLAN Online due to ongoing technical concerns.
22 August 2017
Australian Education Union opposes NAPLAN online as teachers and principals raise concerns
2 August 2017
The Australian Education Union has warned against placing excessive emphasis on the NAPLAN results released today, arguing focus must be on ensuring all schools are receiving the funding and resources they need to deliver for students and raise student outcomes.