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Trade Union Training (TUT) leave

How it works for schools

When a person in a school has permission to attend any course listed on the Industrial Relations Advice No 2 of 2023 as approved Trade Union Training leave the following should be noted:

Staff should:

  1. Submit an application to attend Trade Union Training to the principal four weeks prior to the event.
  2. Provide the principal/DoE with a copy of the course registration.
  3. Be nominated by the SSTUWA under the “nominated audience” for the course.

The schools will not be charged for the salary of the staff member attending the training on that day/s. The salary for that person will be covered by the DoE and not taken from the school’s one line budget.

When processing TUT leave applications, ensure staff attending training have selected TUT Leave in HRMIS. Project code 1471 will be generated within the payment system.

If the school requires a relief teacher to cover the staff member attending training, then the school will pay the salary of that relief teacher. This is funded from the school’s one line budget.

Schools are not liable for any expenses associated with the employee attending the Trade Union Training itself. This includes costs of travel, parking, lunches, etc. Any expenses related to attendance must be borne by the employee attending or the union.