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Executive directives

Directives to SSTUWA members from the Executive Committee in relation to the 2021 EBA negotiations

In the event that no agreement in principle is reached by 28 January 2022, the SSTUWA Executive authorises SSTUWA members to implement the following stage one actions. 

Start date: 31 January 2022

  • No member is to participate in any performance management or performance review processes/meetings. This includes the Principal Professional Review process (PPR). (This refers to performance management only, it does not include sub-standard performance processes.)
  • Members are not to attend any (whole or part of) staff meetings held: 
    • In accordance with clause 9.3 of the General Agreement 2019 (i.e. the five hours per term).
    • Outside instructional hours (before/after school; during lunch or recess; for school leaders this includes regional, cluster and network meetings).
    • During DOTT time. 

​​​This does NOT include meetings called to manage the Education Health Order (Webex, Teams, etc). 

  • School leaders are not to complete the School Resourcing System (SRS) monthly budget check.


Members will be advised via eNews if circumstances change and the directives are withdrawn. If circumstances do not change the above directives will apply. 

Advice and actions for reps and delegates

The role of all our delegates, be it union reps, deputy reps, women’s contact officers, District Council delegates or State Council delegates will be absolutely crucial in this phase of the campaign.

Please engage respectfully with all members, non-members and school leaders when undertaking the following activities. Union reps will take the lead but will need the support of all delegates.

The links below require login and are accessible to union delegates only. If you are a member at a workplace with no delegates, please email

Step 1

Communicate the directives to all members and your principal

Click here for info and resources.

Step 2

Arrange a member meeting

Click here for info and resources.

Step 3

Implement the directives

Click here for info and resources.

Step 4

Advise the SSTUWA

Click here for info and resources.