How Can The SSTUWA Help You

How the Union Helps New Teachers

Over the last few years your union has negotiated a range of benefits for new educators. Your starting salary has increased, you receive a special allowance over your first two years of teaching and you get additional DOTT to help you get your career underway.

The union also provides valuable courses, training and opportunities for new teachers to become great teachers. With experienced classroom teacher’s working as organisers and trainers, you will continue to be supported by your union through your entire career.

New educator members of the SSTUWA are automatically part of the NEN, and are encouraged to be active participants.

The New Educator Network provides the advice, support, professional development and networking opportunities new educators need to help them through the early stages of their career. It’s facilitated by three SSTUWA staff members called the Growth Team.

Look out for the Growth Team who are always out and about! You’ll find them:

1. Supporting you industrially and professionally.
2. Visiting your school/college to update staff on union developments
3. Attending graduate modules, teacher inductions, in-services and visiting universities.
4. Assisting with graduate teacher entitlements and support
5. Delivering professional learning and training.
6. Providing opportunities to network and interact.

For more information on the New Educator Network or the Growth Team you can join the New Educator Network Facebook page or email us on

Your Union Helping Teachers

Your union can help you and your colleagues through its ongoing commitment to:

  • Improving the salary and conditions of its members.
  • Monitoring working conditions.
  • Advocating on behalf of its members when difficulties arise.
  • Engaging in decision making concerning curriculum, pedagogy, instruction, assessment and reporting and equity issues.
  • Ensuring that systemic change is managed with appropriate resourcing and reasonable timelines.
  • Providing you with support through Member Assist and Member Benefits - as well as through our Education and Training programs.
  • Enhancing community understanding of industrial and professional matters.
  • Promoting the provision of a quality public education system.

Member Services

Some of the services that union membership entitles you to include:

  • Free student membership while studying.
  • Comprehensive legal assistance through the union’s lawyers.
  • Access to the SSTUWA website.
  • A grievance and advisory service.
  • The Western Teacher magazine.
  • Opportunities for professional development through the SSTUWA’s Education and Training Centre.
  • Journey Cover Insurance.

Professional Development

All SSTUWA members are entitled to five days Trade Union Training leave per year to attend union training courses.

For details on all courses and training call the SSTUWA Education and Training Centre on (08) 9210 6035, or visit our website for full details.

Women’s Contacts in Schools

The network of Women’s Contact positions within Western Australian workplaces reflects your union’s commitment to ensuring that women are more involved in their union.

Women’s contacts work closely with the union representatives in all their tasks.

They will ensure that information of importance to women members is disseminated and will raise issues of importance to women with union members and at staff meetings and forums.