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2011 LOG of CLAIMS [Schools]

Dear Union Reps / Workplace Reps

Political action continues in support of an improved response to the Union's Log of Claims. All members are asked to contribute through the member action - “Email your Local MP”.  

Steps for Super Easy message

Click link below

1. Select your link issue from the list.
2. Complete your name, email, and your position.
3. Select your local MP from the drop down list 'your local member'.
4. The email is automatically filled.
5. Your email to the local MP appears (your details inserted once sent) on the message below.
6. Click send and wait for the 'successful message' confirmation.
7. You will receive an email from SSTUWA for your records.

DUMAS HOUSE Rally + “Wall of Signatures” – Metro members are urged to make sure their schools are represented at the rally 4pm Thursday 1 September 2011. 

Country schools can be ‘present’ via the “Wall of Signatures”.

Please note, as industrial staff will be in attendance at this rally, there will be a skeleton staff in the Union Office after 3.30pm.

Executive endorsed the SSTUWA response to the TAFE employer's Offer on Friday and this will be progressed through negotiations.

FIXED TERM CONTRACTS  –  The Union is in dispute with the Department on the changed practice of payment out of entitlements at the end of fixed term contracts. This change was instituted without notice to the SSTUWA. The Union is concerned at the longer term impact on member leave and risks around break in service matters. This matter is currently in the WAIRC.

Yours sincerely
Anne Gisborne


Click here for Communication 29

Click here for Members Action Dumas House Rally

Click here for Members Action "Wall of Signatures" - Country Members


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Authorised by A D Mullen, General Secretary SSTUWA

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