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6 September 2011

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2011 LOG of CLAIMS [Schools]

Dear Union Reps/ Workplace Reps

2011 Log of Claims [Schools]

The Union’s counter proposal was tabled yesterday.

Comment and information is provided on the Department’s current propaganda – Busting the Myths. See attached Myths, Legends and Fairytales – Responding to DoE’s Propaganda. It is Interesting that Facebook is being used, yet is not accessible for use in schools.

Please join the Email A Day to Your Local MP Campaign and check out Your support is essential.

Personal expenditure – the Union has a brief survey with the link available through Communication 30 to capture this information. Please complete the survey BY Wednesday 21 September 2011.

Auditor General’s Report Right Teacher, Right Place, Right Time
This report is timely and it is all the more important that the Union ensures the Deployment of SEA Staff (Transfer) clause is in the Agreement along with a commitment to review current practices and negotiate with the Union. While the report slams the Department for lack of monitoring and risk management with the introduction of new placement practices e.g. IPS, it should be remembered that it was the Barnett Government who moved down this pathway and refused to ‘trial or review’ this program despite the Union’s ongoing concerns and call for ‘trial and review’ before expansion. Belatedly they now have in train a review which will report in 2013.

DUMAS HOUSE Rally + “Wall of Signatures”  –  Thanks to all contributors and participants. See

2012/13 State Budget Submission
The August Executive endorsed ICT/Digital Technologies as the focus for Union’s submission to the 2012/13 State Budget process. Work has already commenced to develop an issue paper. Please keep an eye out for your opportunity to contribute. This is a hugely under resourced area in our schools, yet the demands and expectations of community and governments are extremely high.

SSTUWA & AEU Elections
Next week all members will receive two (2) sets of ballot papers. Keep your ballot materials separate and return in the right envelopes.

From the AEC you will receive materials to vote for the AEU Branch Council and various Federal AEU positions. Closes – 10am Monday 10 October 2011.

From the WAEC you will receive materials to vote for the SSTUWA Senior Officers and Executive. Closes – 10am Wednesday 12 October 2011.

Please ensure you participate in this important democratic process of your Union.

Unions WA is seeking signatures to petitions to the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council calling on the Barnett Government to ‘harmonise’ WA OSH legislation with the national legislation. Information and petitions are attached. Please take the time to promote this important activity.

The joint public sector campaign to fight the ‘privatisation agenda’ of the Barnett Government continues. The next stage in this campaign is to gather community feedback via a simple survey. See HYPERLINK – letter from UnionsWA

Yours sincerely
Anne Gisborne

2011 LOG of CLAIMS [Schools]

Click here for Communication 30

Click here for Myths, Legends and Fairytales – Responding to DoE’ Latest Propaganda

Click here for Email A Day to Your Local MP     


The Union has tabled its response to the first offer with the employer. We are anticipating a response today.

Pat Burke
Senior Vice President


Click here for the 'Don’t Risk 2nd Rate Safety' Pamphlet

Click here for Petition to Legislative Assembly

Click here for Petition to Legislative Council


Click here for letter from UnionsWA


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Authorised by A D Mullen, General Secretary SSTUWA

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