First 2012 School Leaders’ Council Announced

sstuwa-school-leaders-breakfastThe School Leaders’ Council commences 2012 with their first meeting at Cottesloe Golf Club Swanbourne on 212th March, 2012.

There is a full day of professional development for School Leaders’ Council members however non council members leaders are welcome to participate for the morning session, though places are limited. The full agenda can be seen online.

The School Leaders’ Council is a small representative body for school leaders. It welcomes the contributions of members and provides opportunities for participation to take place.

Members are welcome to join us for breakfast only with the breakfast address being presented by Mr Jason Beeley, Assistant Auditor General of Performance Audit and author of “Right Teacher, Right Place, Right Time,” August 2011

The well timed reported commented on the history of reviews of the DoE staffing processes. The report reviewed the developments in DoE’s move from the central placement system. Right Teacher right Place Right Time, noted the lack of planning for risks, that some teachers may be disadvantaged by changes to the central staffing system.

From our experience this is already manifesting with some school leaders, particularly deputies, have experienced delays in being appointed to an equivalent substantive position after being through the EIP process from either an IPS opt out or an IPS FTE restructure.

The report also noted the resource demand and cost associated with the move to complete merit select. This report noted the inefficiencies associated with the central placement system but also warned of the complication that may develop with the implementation of IPS.

We welcome your participation at breakfast on 12th March.

Link: School Leaders' Council

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