SSTUWA committee nominations

Closing date: Thursday 28 February 2019

Nominations are called for the following committees for 2019:
  • Aboriginal Education Committee
  • Country Matters Working Party Committee
  • Early Childhood Educators Committee
  • International Committee
  • LGBTIQ Committee
  • New Educators Committee
  • School Leaders Committee
  • School Psychology Services Committee
  • Women’s Committee

Members from all sectors are invited to nominate and, as an affirmative action strategy, equal representation of male and female delegates will be ensured as far as possible.

The committees generally meet at least once a term. The term of office is 12 months and will end on completion of the 2020 committee elections.

The terms of reference of the committees, as endorsed by Executive, are as follows:
  1. Review and revise relevant union policy.
  2. Assist in the formulation of position papers.
  3. Assist in the planning and organisation of seminars, conferences and other membership activities.
  4. Monitor government and employer actions under relevant legislation.
  5. Evaluate SSTUWA rules, policies and other positions as examples of “best practice”.
  6. Consider and make recommendations on matters referred by the Administrative Committee and Executive.
  7. Make recommendations to Executive on matters considered by the committee.
Nominations are called for TAFE Committee Branch Representatives for 2019

Branch representatives of the TAFE Committee should be nominated by TAFE branches during the first branch meeting of the calendar year, which must be held before the end of February.

Please note: Where there is only one nomination, the branch needs to endorse the member as the TAFE Committee Branch Representative for 2019. Where there is more than one nomination, the members’ names should be forwarded to the Returning Officer who will make arrangements with the branch secretary to conduct an election.

Additional information

Committees are restricted to a maximum of 15 people with the exception of the TAFE committee. Nominations must be dated, signed by the nominator and seconder and bear the written consent of the nominees or his/her agent, all of whom must be financial members of the union.

Nominations open on Monday 21 January 2019. Nominations close at 5pm Thursday 28 February 2019 and must be received in the union office by this time. Facsimile and email copies will be accepted, with originals to follow in the mail as soon as possible.

2019 Getting Organised Forms

  • State Council Conference Election Timetable - 2019 (E2018/161 AEU Timetable)
  • Nominations for branch office bearers form - 2019
  • State Council Conference Election Nomination Form - 2019 (E2018/161 AEU Nomination Form)
  • SSTUWA Committee Election Nomination Form - 2019
  • OSH rep form - 2019
  • State Council Conference Election Notice - 2019 (E2018/161 AEU Election Notice)
  • Branch financial return - 2019