State Council Conference elections

2019 SSTUWA State Council/AEU WA Branch Council dates: 14/15 June and 15/16 November

The decision making structures of the SSTUWA and the AEU WA Branch now reflect each other.

Persons elected to the AEU WA Branch Senior Officer, Executive and Branch Council positions are deemed to be elected to the corresponding positions within the SSTUWA.

For State Council Conference delegates, the equivalent position in the AEU WA Branch is Branch Councillor. Delegates elected as AEU WA Branch Councillors will be deemed to be SSTUWA State Council Conference delegates.

Elections will be conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) in accordance with the rules of the AEU WA Branch.

Please refer to the election notice on page seven of this document and the nomination form on page eight. Nomination forms are also available from the AEC, the SSTUWA office and the SSTUWA website.

It is important to remember that nominees and their proposers and seconders must be financial members of the SSTUWA and attached to the district for which representation is being sought. It is therefore critical that prospective candidates are aware of which district they belong to.

A list of districts together with the worksites contained within each state electorate may be found on pages 10 – 15 of this document.

Districts changed at the start of 2017 due to a realignment of state electoral boundaries. In some instances electorate names have remained but boundaries have changed. Members are advised to check the list of worksites to determine their district, and to be aware that it may have changed in 2017.

State Council Conference

Any member may nominate as a delegate to State Council Conference. Such delegates represent the district.

Branches are not required to endorse nominations; however, it is in the interests of the branches to encourage members of their branch to nominate to ensure branch views are heard.

Branches may forward motions to State Council Conference. Closing dates for motions to State Council Conference is determined by Executive and published in the Western Teacher.

State Council is held twice a year in Term 2 and Term 4.

SSTUWA structure

The SSTUWA, which was founded in 1898, has more than 17,000 members making it one of the largest public sector unions and one of the oldest white collar unions in Western Australia.

The foundation of the SSTUWA is you – the membership.

2019 Getting Organised Forms

  • State Council Conference Election Timetable - 2019 (E2018/161 AEU Timetable)
  • Nominations for branch office bearers form - 2019
  • State Council Conference Election Nomination Form - 2019 (E2018/161 AEU Nomination Form)
  • SSTUWA Committee Election Nomination Form - 2019
  • OSH rep form - 2019
  • State Council Conference Election Notice - 2019 (E2018/161 AEU Election Notice)
  • Branch financial return - 2019