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SSTUWA for Yes

Moving forward with a voice in our affairs

From the SSTUWA Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Committee

We have always known the power of building positive working relationships with Aboriginal people in our schools.

Ensuring that an Aboriginal family’s aspirations are reflected in school directions and students’ achievement have yielded the strongest outcomes. But governments change, and so does the political will.

This is too important to keep changing. As surmised by Thomas Mayo from that referendum working group: “we want this to be above politics, we are tired of having our lives used as a political football.”

Past practices such as ASSPA Committees, School Community Partnership Agreements and Aboriginal Advisory Councils all reflect the journey we have been on in ensuring the voice of our parents is reflected in the priorities  and actions of schools and systems, but all have faded away with changes of government.

Enshrining our voice in the constitution is the only way to stop this and ensure we have a voice in our affairs and move forward as a reconciled nation.

We ask our members within the SSTUWA to walk with us and as educators, we are informed and accept the invitation that is at the heart of the Uluru Statement that specifically calls for a voice enshrined in the Australian Constitution.

This request has come after decades of activism by our people who have fought for a fair go and say in our own communities and in our own affairs.

We urge you to vote Yes.

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SSTUWA for Yes Sticker Day

Thank you to all our members who participated in the SSTUWA for Yes Sticker Day on Thursday 21 September. The day aimed to build awareness of the Unions for Yes campaign to support recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution through a Voice.

Thank you for having conversations with your colleagues about why it is important to vote yes in the upcoming referendum.

This vote will give all Australians the chance to come together and consider a change to our constitution that will honour and celebrate the rights, history and ongoing relationship of Indigenous Australians with this land. It’s a rare chance to make a major positive impact now and for future generations.

We need to ensure that we close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians on practical issues like life expectancy, educational outcomes and employment.

Find the photos from our Sticker Day via our Instagram story highlights here.


SSTUWA is joining other Australian unions in showing their support for the Yes campaign.

Join us in showing your support for the Yes campaign by using the hashtag #Yes23 on social media!

TLN Journal - Steps to Reconciliation

The Teacher Learning Network has developed a detailed resource in its TLN Journal Volume 30, Issue No1 - Steps to Reconciliation.

The full 108 page Steps to Reconciliation resource is available here.