International Issues

The SSTUWA International Committee seeks to initiate, respond to and coordinate various supportive activities in solidarity with teachers and especially unions around the world, in particular, but not limited to:

  1. Raising awareness of globalisation and its impacts on resource availability for public education, access to quality public education, and equal access to public education;
  2. Supporting requests, where practicable, by Education International, with special regard to supporting teacher unionists threatened with imprisonment, torture and denial of basic union rights;
  3. Forming ongoing links with the Australian Education Union overseas aid arm Union Aid Abroad – APHEDA, and the ACTU;
  4. Supporting the UnionsWA International Committee and supporting SIGTUR and related campaigns;
  5. Raising member awareness of The One World Centre in relation to teacher education of students
  6. Supporting the formation of teacher unions in other countries; and
  7. Developing over time various supports for teacher development and growth in other countries, such as Timor Leste.

The SSTUWA International Committee exists to raise awareness of all these issues and encourage participation among the membership.

International News
​On the occasion of the Swiss Education Day, teachers’ unions demanded that efforts be made by employers to improve their health protection, with the slogan “Healthy Schools - Good Schools.”
This three week trip gives Australians and New Zealanders the chance to understand Cuba’s unique, yet often misunderstood, political history and to participate in Cuba’s rich cultural heritage.
In Focus Newsletter - Education International - 02 November 2017