School Leaders

Our structures

Our Structures

Your Field Officer
Our union provides a dedicated leaders’ field officer who understands the particular challenges faced by leaders and can offer advice and assistance in school or by phone or email. Kim Dullard is the fourth person to fill this support and co-ordination role, and comes to it from a strong background in teaching and leading in schools.

The School Leaders' Committee (SLC) has been developed to provide an active conduit between members in schools, the SSTUWA Executive and Senior Officers. The Committee is an elected body that supports the activities of the SSTUWA to address the needs of leader members. Five members of the SLC are also members of the SSTUWA Executive.

National Principals Forum has been established for many years and your elected representative is currently Edd Black, who is also a member of the SSTUWA Executive.

Our beliefs

Our beliefs

SSTUWA Leaders are committed to the support and enhancement of:

  • Public Education
  • The Teaching Profession
  • Educational Leadership As Instructional Leadership

  • We believe this is most effectively achieved through the unified voice of the SSTUWA.

    This core commitment is best achieved through the efforts of leaders and teachers working together to enhance educational outcomes by encouraging a shared, school community-wide commitment to the best possible teaching and learning in our public schools.

    Our representation

    Our representation

    This continues via the School Leaders Committee which has direct access to SSTUWA Senior Officers and the SSTUWA Executive. Currently there are three principals and three other school leaders on the SSTUWA Executive to ensure the voice and needs of leaders are heard.

    Our direction

    Our direction

    Our efforts are supported by the:

  • Implementation of agreed collaborative, school-based decision-making processes
  • Establishment of a school culture that encourages and supports the efforts of all staff working together to enhance educational outcomes, and which recognises and promotes the leadership role of teachers in this process
  • Recognition, encouragement and support of aspirant leadership
  • Protection and enhancement of the industrial and professional rights of school leaders
  • Support for SSTUWA Leader members through those tensions that may arise within a school community
  • Provision of forums and professional development to encourage innovative and creative strategies that support the leadership of public education.

  • The core belief of SSTUWA School Leaders is that public education is a keystone of a democratic society and that an important element of the role of school leaders is the support and enhancement of the public education system.