New Educators

New Educators Committee 2023

The committee will meet one Tuesday each term on the following dates, commencing at 4.15pm. Zoom facilities available.

Term 1 - Tuesday 28 February (Week 5)
Term 2 - Tuesday 9 May (Week 3)
Term 3 - Tuesday 8 August (Week 4)
Term 4 - Tuesday 14 November (Week 6)

The New Educator Network supports Western Australian public school teachers who are members of the SSTUWA in their first five years of teaching.

If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the Growth Team on 9210 6000 or 1800 199 073 or by email at


New Educators Committee Members

At the beginning of each calendar year, members are invited to nominate to become a New Educators committee member for the current year. Should members wish to nominate as a committee member the following year, they can do so by completing a new nomination form in the following year.

Committees are restricted to a maximum of 15 people with the exception of the TAFE committee. Should there be more than 15 nominations, an election will be conducted by the returning officer for the SSTUWA. Nomination forms and details can be found here.

While the SSTUWA committees generally meet once a term, committees may meet more frequently or less frequently depending on issues that need to be discussed.

Members do not necessarily have to be teaching or leading in the committee area, but may have a specific interest and be able to provide valuable perspective in that committee area.

Meetings are held at the SSTUWA office outside of the school day with teleconference facilities available for those unable to attend in person.

The terms of reference below have been endorsed by Executive and will be used as the framework to guide committee discussions.

  • Review and revise relevant union policy
  • Assist in the formulation of position papers
  • Assist in the planning and organisation of seminars, conferences and other membership activities
  • Monitor government and employer actions under relevant legislation.
  • Evaluate SSTUWA rules, policies and other positions as examples of “best practice”
  • Consider and make recommendations on matters referred by the Administrative Committee and Executive
  • Make recommendations to Executive on matters considered by the committee