Barriers to work, life and family balance

Women are still the predominant care givers in Australian society and can be disadvantaged by barriers to their working lives.

These include:

  • Breaks in service or part-time/casual employment being perceived as career obstacles.
  • Limitations on time available for work.
  • Complications with capacity to earn salaries and superannuation including the impact of working part-time on salary and entitlements.
  • Balancing family caring responsibilities with work commitments.
What can I do?
  • At your branch/worksite provide support to women: women returning from leave, working in part-time/casual employment, and/or who have family and caring responsibilities.
  • Be aware of issues which may be specific to single parent families, Indigenous women and specific cultural groups.
  • Work with your branch to establish agreed meeting times which cater for family and caring responsibilities and include those on leave.
  • Ensure that casual/part-time women have access to information that is communicated by the SSTUWA.

Updated March 2019