Part-time, casual and fixed-term employment

Educators working part-time may be permanent, on a fixed-term contract or casual/relief. The needs of part-time, casual and fixed-term employees can differ.


  • Casual employees are only paid for each hour of actual work.
  • Usually casual employees are not entitled to a range of allowances such as leave and other entitlements afforded to permanent or contract employees as a loading is built into the casual pay rate (20 per cent) in lieu of these entitlements.
  • Usually, though not always, casual workers in schools are used in a relief capacity. In TAFE, however, many have work that is ongoing in nature, and programmed for more hours over a longer period of time.


There is no longer a two year maximum time period for temporary or part-time arrangements. Employees may reduce their fraction of time on a permanent or a temporary basis in consultation with their principal/ line manager. If making a temporary variation to work fraction ensure that an end date is placed on the document and seek clarification from either a union rep or Member Assist before signing any documentation.

If a break in service occurs of six months or more long service and sick leave entitlements are lost.


Provisions for part-time employees in TAFE are contained in the Western Australian TAFE Lecturers’ General Agreement 2014.

Part-time employment may be applied for and/or granted on a temporary or permanent basis. If a temporary variation in hours is negotiated this may be negotiated for a period of up to two years, at the expiration of which the affected employee may either return to initial employment or request continuance of the reduction or request a revised period of part-time appointment. Employees cannot be forced to go parttime. If a break in service occurs of two weeks or more, long service and sick leave entitlements are lost.

What can I do?

  • Ensure that all staff keep records of communications regarding their employment.
  • Create an information board in the workplace.
  • Ensure that part-time and casual members are involved and aware of union activities.