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Promoting the benefits of properly funded and accessible public education for all is a key area of the SSTUWA’s operations. Our dedicated campaigns team runs initiatives such as Putting Our Kids First, TAFE Works and I Give a Gonski to ensure issues which impact on all our members and on their students of all ages are kept at the forefront of the community’s mind.


We have SSTUWA reps in schools across the state. They are your first port of call for assistance. Reps have access to a range of support from the union experts and can often resolve local issues on the spot. Union reps get extensive training from the SSTUWA. If you want to find out more about becoming a rep please have a chat with your organiser, call the SSTUWA or visit our website.

Member Assist

Three full-time member assist staff are supported by a team of organisers and legal advocates offering advice to members during business hours. In 2015 the Member Assist team handled over 5,000 phone inquiries and around 4,000 emails on issues ranging from working conditions to OSH matters and grievances.

Growth team

New to teaching, or want to join the union? Our growth team has all the information and support you need to make it through those difficult early years of your career. Our New Educator Network offers dedicated professional development and most importantly an environment where you can talk to people who have been through, or are having, the same experiences as you.


Six organisers cover all schools within allocated districts, offering support to union reps and members in schools and on campuses.

To find out who your district organiser is and which district you are in go to

The union also has specialist organisers for leaders, women and equity, new educators, TAFE, early childhood educators and occupational safety and health, offering top class expertise and experience in these specific areas.

Case managers

If your issue is complex then you will be referred to a case manager. We have three experienced case managers who will give your issue the attention it deserves.

Legal advisors

Our in-house legal advisors advocate in the courts and in tribunals for the SSTUWA. This can be on issues for individual members or during cases which represent the interest of the membership as a whole, such as interpretation of awards and attempts to reduce members’ entitlements.

Our legal advisors also act in concert with our contracted law firm.

Education and training

The SSTUWA offers some of the best industrial and professional education and training in Australia. This training is heavily discounted for members. Courses range from how to apply for a job to high-level professional development, in addition to a full range of industrial training for reps and in occupational health and safety.

Our Education and Training Centre also coordinates conferences and events which offer members access to some of the world’s best education thinkers and leaders.

Courses are available throughout the year both in term-time and during school holidays.


Our new website offers members a one-stop shop for immediate advice and updates on the latest news regarding the profession.

You can find information sheets, the relevant agreement for your area and a host of other advice on speciality areas such as occupational safety and health, women’s issues, TAFE, school leaders, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and LGBTIQ.

Legal services

Members can access a wide range of internal and external legal advice and support for both work-related and personal issues. As a member, many services are available at reduced costs, and costs for some work-related issues may be covered by the union. Members receive a complimentary simple will and also have access to a free initial consultation with a lawyer on a broad range of matters. To find out more about the legal services offered to union members contact Member Assist.

Journey Accident Cover

Journey Accident Cover is income protection insurance provided free of charge to SSTUWA members. If you have an accident whilst travelling to or from work, which results in your inability to work, you may be entitled to a benefit for lost income.

This information does not form any part of the Journey Accident Cover policy arranged on behalf of the SSTUWA. A full copy of the policy may be provided upon request. Terms and conditions apply. Only financial members are eligible for Journey Accident Cover through the SSTUWA.

Discounted goods and services

Members have access to a massive range of discounted products and services. From educational resources to discounted health insurance, travel bargains to movie tickets, there’s something for everyone.


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