Women’s total incomes over a typical working life are markedly lower than men’s. On average, they work fewer hours per week for fewer years than men, and are more likely to be engaged in part-time work.

Women are more likely to be pushed into poverty following relationship break-ups and more women have to rely on their own resources in retirement. Women live longer than men by an average of four years.

What can I do?
  • Invite your superannuation fund to hold a seminar especially for women in your workplace and encourage members to attend.
  • Seek financial advice regarding the impact of part-time work, leave without pay, salary sacrifice, etc on your superannuation entitlement. Make sure you are able to retire when you want to, with a comfortable income.
  • Get advice on maximising your contributions.

Money Smart’s publication Superannuation and Women, found under the life events & you tab at or by clicking here.

Updated March 2019