Teacher Tax

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$99 tax returns for SSTUWA members

We take our car to the mechanic when it starts blowing smoke. We take ourselves to the doctor when we aren't feeling great. But many of us still attempt our yearly tax returns and hope that we have got it right, sometimes overlooking hundreds of dollars in legitimate deductions. This year, go with the team that specialises in tax for education professionals.

Our standard returns start at just $99 for SSTUWA members. The whole process can be completed in less than 24 hours from start to finish over the phone.

  • No upfront fee
  • A simple way to do your tax return
  • Easy, friendly service
  • Personal phone support
  • Tax agents who specialise in the education industry
  • A fast refund – straight to your bank account
  • Every possible deduction (even some very unusual ones)

Free info pack: Pull up our website - www.teachertax.com.au - and email us. Ask us for a free information pack that covers possible deductions for Australian teachers with a guaranteed quote! It’s yours to keep, regardless of whether you accept our quote!

Feedback from SSTUWA members:

"Thank you for attending to everything so quickly. It's so fast compared to the way things used to be."
"Thank you for all your work. I have already been recommending you to my colleagues."

Contact us:
(08) 6102 0560