Blaming staff for violence in schools unfair

21 July 2016

​The State School Teachers’ Union of WA has pledged to work cooperatively on positive solutions to address student violence, but has warned that blaming teachers is unfair, superficial and will not solve the underlying causes of poor student behavior.

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eNews - Thursday 21 July

21 July 2016

Welcome back, Get WT online, training opportunities

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Gonski fight continues

14 July 2016

Malcolm Turnbull will remain as Prime Minister but his huge drop in support at the election has changed Australia’s political landscape.

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Reporting from the frontline of remote schools

12 July 2016

​The commitment of public educators to overcome vast distances and a sense of isolation were apparent to an SSTUWA group who visited remote schools in WA’s Gibson Desert region recently.

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Loss of remote teaching course a blow to Indigenous educators

8 July 2016

​The decision by Curtin University to discontinue its Bachelor of Education (Regional and Remote) degree is a setback to bridging the gap for all Indigenous Australians.

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Crossbenchers must back Gonski as polls show public supports it

6 July 2016

The AEU has called on Independent and minor party MPs to stand up for Gonski funding in any negotiations over forming government in the wake of Saturday’s election.

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SSTUWA IPS submission reveals full extent of member concerns

5 July 2016

​The question of whether the Independent Public Schools (IPS) initiative can lift student academic outcomes is one that still remains to be definitively answered, over six years after IPS was introduced to WA public schools.

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Schools funding a key issue in marginal seat swings - whoever forms government must back Gonski in full

4 July 2016

​The election results show voters have rejected Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to needs-based Gonski schools funding and want whoever forms Government to implement it in full.

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Vote for Gonski

2 July 2016

​Today's federal election will be a critical point for Australia’s public education system. The major parties have now settled on their platforms when it comes to school funding, and the choice for voters is clear, as the difference between the policies are stark.

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Coalition still has no Gonski alternative - its cuts will hurt students

30 June 2016

​With just days to go before the Federal election, the Coalition has no vision for schools beyond cuts to needs-based Gonski funding after 2017.

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