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AEU: Education ministers must deliver full funding of public schools

30 April 2024

Education Ministers meeting in Perth today must make real progress on public school funding with new research revealing the urgent need for the additional investment to lift results and combat debilitating teacher shortages and declining student and teacher wellbeing.

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Teachers directed to stop work if agreement isn’t reached

22 March 2024

The State School Teachers’ Union of WA has advised its members to stop work for half a day on 23 April if a new enterprise agreement isn’t reached before then.

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AEU: $30 billion capital divide in Australian schools revealed in new report

23 February 2024

Five private schools spent more on lavish new facilities in 2021 than governments spent on over half the public schools in the nation, according to a new report which reveals the full extent of the $30 billion capital divide in Australian schools.

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Union welcomes funding announcement

31 January 2024

The State School Teachers’ Union of WA has described today’s funding announcement for public schools as a very positive first step. SSTUWA president Matt Jarman said the agreement to deliver 100% of the Schooling Resource Standard for all public schools in Western Australia will be life-changing for both educators and students.

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President Matt Jarman: Our classrooms are in crisis

31 January 2024

As the latest generation of West Australian children start their education journey, it is time to stop talking and start acting to address the problems facing public education. The situation is far too serious to waste time on political blame games between parties and levels of government.

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News archive 2023

School violence plan welcomed by teachers

17 July 2023

The State School Teachers’ Union (SSTUWA) welcomes Education Minister Tony Buti’s new 10-point plan to tackle school violence. It is especially important that schools experiencing high levels of violent behaviour will be offered targeted assistance.

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Albanese Government must invest in WA public schools

14 July 2023

The Albanese Government must make the investments required in WA public schools to allow principals and teachers to cut class sizes and provide more individual attention and support for every child.

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WA public schools underfunded by $31 million

13 July 2023

Official figures have revealed Western Australian public schools are being underfunded by $31 million, with the shortfall rising to an incredible $374 million by the end of the decade. State School Teachers’ Union of Western Australia President Matt Jarman said the alarming new figures showed a need for urgent action.

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AEU sets the standard for school funding arrangements

7 July 2023

‚ÄčThe Australian Education Union is calling for all public schools to be fully funded by 2028 to lift the one-on-one support children receive in the classroom and give teachers the time and resources to meet the needs of every child.

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Damning evidence of massive private school overfunding

22 June 2023

The full extent of the inequity in Australia’s school funding system has been exposed, with internal Department of Education figures showing a massive overfunding of private schools. The figures are included in a departmental briefing prepared for witnesses appearing before Senate Estimates, publicly released through freedom of information.

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News archive 2022

The devastating impact of Morrison Government's failure for TAFE

7 March 2022

New data released today highlights that the Morrison Government’s failure to take responsibility for TAFE has entrenched underfunding, excessive workloads for staff and greater uncertainty for students.

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Fund public schools in line with Gonski recommendations released a decade ago

1 March 2022

The Australian Education Union is calling on the Morrison Government to deliver urgent funding for public schools in line with the recommendations of the Gonski review delivered a decade ago.

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Morrison missing for working women

1 March 2022

Today the ACTU has released “Morrison Missing – A Record of his Failure for Working Women” – a major report outlining how the Morrison Government has failed to support working women.

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Urgent funding required for teaching and learning post COVID-19

16 February 2022

An urgent investment in public school funding is required now more than ever to ensure students are not educationally disadvantaged as a result of COVID-19, the Australian Education Union has recommended in their pre-budget submission.

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Response to COVID leave announcement

14 February 2022

The State School Teachers’ Union of WA is pleased that members will now be able to access COVID leave immediately if needed, with the requirement to first exhaust other forms of leave now being lifted.

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News archive 2021

TAFE investment would fuel future workforces

11 August 2021

Critical industries like childcare, ICT, carpentry and plumbing are at risk of significant workforce shortages, which would undermine the strength of Australia’s COVID-19 economic recovery according to the Australian Education Union.

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Investment for two years of universal preschool must be new national goal

4 August 2021

The National Cabinet should prioritise investment for every child to attend two years of preschool, in the same way Australian governments provide universal primary and secondary education.

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Teachers’ union launches campaign calling for end to wages cap

26 July 2021

The State School Teachers’ Union has today launched a campaign calling for an end to the cap on wages for public school teachers and lecturers.

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