Helping Students Understand their Emotional Triggers: Online Blended Session

7 places available

Start:  Wednesday 2 May 2018 - 2.30pm

Finish: Wednesday 2 May 2018 - 3.30pm

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Location :TLN online learning space

Prior to the live event, SSTUWA will email you detailed instructions about how to access the online training space.


About the course

The SSTUWA, in partnership with TLN in Melbourne, are pleased to offer this online learning opportunity.

A huge amount of the challenging behaviours exhibited by students have an emotional centre. Identifying, and helping students identify their emotional triggers can be a very productive way of guiding students out of their disruptive behaviours. In this workshop Daniel will explore:

    •   How to identify emotional centred behaviour.
    •   Helping students identify their own emotions.
    •   Labelling emotions in a non-confronting way.
    •   Supporting students to find ways of expressing emotions constructively.

Delivery method: Blended session

This session is a combination of a recorded presentation that you watch at a  time convenient to you and then attend a live Q&A session.   The live question and answer session will be held at the time indicated for this event. During this time you will engage and interact with the presenter and other participants to discuss the topic online. A certificate will be provided at the end of the session.

About the hosts

Teacher Learning Network (TLN)

TLN is a Melbourne based, not-for-profit professional development provider supported by the Australian Education Union Victoria Branch and the Independent Education Union Victoria/Tasmania Branch. SSTUWA  will be your major source of communication  before the online event. Prior to the live event, SSTUWA will email you detailed instructions about how to access the online training space. TLN will then provide immediate telephone support just before the Q&A begins on the day, and during the event if required.


$ 40 : Members
$ 60 : Non-Members


Daniel Cohen
Teacher Learning Network
Melbourne, Victoria

Nominated Audience

Primary and Secondary Educators

Online requirements

• Stable internet connection
• Laptop/desktop computer
• Earphones or headphones (optional)

Teacher Registration Board of WA

This training relates to:

Standard 4: Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments
Standard 6: Engage in professional learning