Moving into GROH housing

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I have secured Government Regional Officer Housing (GROH). What do I need to do now?

There are many things to do before and after moving into GROH housing. Here are some tips for a smooth transition.

Before moving in

Your employer will advise when the GROH accommodation is available. Notify the Housing Authority of your move-in date and review the sign-up pack you are provided. Also read the tenant handbook, which can be found on the WA Housing Authority website.

Tenancy Agreement

A written Tenancy Agreement lays out the terms and conditions associated with your residency in GROH. Your housing officer will provide this to you in-person or via post. You should carefully read the document and ask any questions that arise before signing.

Once you’ve moved in

Property Condition Report

You will be given a property condition report within a week of moving into your GROH home. Review the report and note any exceptions to the stated conditions. Be sure to review all aspects of the report, including gardens and furniture, if applicable.

Return the signed property condition report to your local Housing Authority/GROH office within seven days of receiving it. If you do not return the report within seven days of receiving it, it will be assumed that you accept that the report is accurate.

You should make and retain a copy of the report for yourself. It is also a good idea to take photos of the house, as well as appliances, furniture and gardens, if applicable.

If you do not receive your property condition report, ask your housing officer.

Furniture inventory

Take a furniture inventory, if applicable, to ensure all furniture is present. The list can be found in your tenant handbook. If any is in poor condition, ensure it is repaired/replaced as soon as possible.


Have your gas, water and electricity meters read on arrival. A small fee may apply.

If the property has gas, there should be two gas cylinders. If they are not there, first check with the local LP gas agent. If the agent is not holding the cylinders, contact your local Housing Authority/GROH office immediately.

Other tips

Any dealings with your local Housing Authority/GROH office should be in writing. Be sure to keep a copy.

Maintenance requests to your local Housing Authority/GROH office should be completed within three weeks of the work order being issued. If there is any undue delay in having your maintenance requests carried out, contact the office.

If issues continue, contact Member Assist at the SSTUWA: (08) 9210 6060 |