The Public Good Campaign Launch

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UnionsWA, in collaboration with key public sector unions in WA (including the SSTUWA) and community supporters has today launched a new “The Public Good” campaign. It will have a major focus on promoting the important role of public services and the public sector workforce leading up to and beyond the 2021 WA State election.

Meredith Hammat, Secretary UnionsWA said:

“The Public Good is an exciting new campaign with an unprecedented positive focus.

“The Public Good will raise the importance of public services and a strong public sector workforce as a cornerstone to the economic and community well-being of all West Australians.

“We’ve seen during the pandemic how our health workforce, teachers, cleaners and working people in essential services faced risks to keep us safe.

“This is a positive campaign that will highlight our public workforce; hard working people who are deeply committed to serving West Australians.

“The campaign will build on the Save Our Services campaign and so begins with more than 15,000 supporters as well as over 500 local volunteers in key marginal electorates across WA.

“Public sector unions will commit over $360,000 to the campaign leading up the 2021 WA state election.

“These resources will allow the work of our local volunteers to be reinforced through mass media and online advertising.

“The Public Good is also about making sure that public sector workers are valued and fairly rewarded for the work they do.

“Much of the heavy lifting in the WA Government’s budget repair has been done by the majority of our public sector workforce whose pay has not kept up with the rising cost of living.

“The Public Good will also oppose policies or election commitments that will lead to seek to further privatisation of public services or cut funding for public services.”

Further information

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