Thanks for taking a break


On World Teachers' Day, Friday 29 October, we saw hundreds of members reclaim their staffrooms and take a proper break, as the spotlight was on teacher well-being.

We encourage members to continue taking their breaks together when possible and not to work during their lunch breaks. Where possible, do what you can to limit the amount of work that you take home, and resist the urge to check work emails out of hours. Choose a decent time to leave work each day and try not to arrive at work too early.

We know that public educators are dedicated to their students and work, and it may be hard to do the above. But if you are able to reduce workload where you can, it will boost your well-being long-term.

More ideas on how to reduce workload can be found on the workload reduction poster included with your October Western Teacher. Remember you can also access the Employee Assistance Program if you need to.

Thanks to all members who sent in these fantastic photos from their World Teachers' Day celebrations!