Cash forgets workers involved in VET 26 September 2019
Sunglass Hut pays $50,000 for shady $2.3 million rip-off 24 September 2019
Porter’s big stick for sacked workers undermines unfair dismissal protection 24 September 2019
Statement by ACTU President Michele O'Neil to the Senate Inquiry on Ensuring Integrity 24 September 2019
Millions of Workers at Risk in Morrison’s Renewed Attack on Super 19 September 2019
Unemployment increases to 5.3% driven by sluggish domestic demand 19 September 2019
Porter failing to address wage theft crisis 19 September 2019
Super amnesty whitewashes decades of corporate theft 18 September 2019
Vale Joe Isaac, AO 17 September 2019
Working people denied fair pay rises and bonuses while CEO’s reaping record pay 17 September 2019
Union movement united in opposition to internationally unprecedented Ensuring Integrity bill 12 September 2019
Two workers dead in 24 hours, no action from Morrison 12 September 2019
GDP falls to lowest point since 2009 4 September 2019
ACTU calls for Porter to side with working people over big business to get economy moving 4 September 2019
Retail trade falls as wage crisis persists under Morrison 3 September 2019
Australian Unions show solidarity for Hong Kong general strikes 2 September 2019
Timor Leste presents Medal of the Order of Timor-Leste to Australian Union movement 31 August 2019
Morrison must intervene, return Priya, Nades and children home to Biloela 30 August 2019
Legal community speaks out against ‘unprecedented’ EI bill 29 August 2019
PM must stand up for women and guarantee super increase 28 August 2019
Work laws must address equal pay 28 August 2019
ACTU calls for Morrison to pause Hong Kong trade deal 28 August 2019
Morrison slammed for backing failed bid to cut sick leave 21 August 2019
Business lobby urges Porter to take away rights 21 August 2019
Cash throws another $10 million at failed scheme 19 August 2019
No progress on gender pay gap 15 August 2019
Millions jobless or looking for more work under Morrison 15 August 2019
Wage crisis continues under Morrison 14 August 2019
Big business calls for workers to be worse off 12 August 2019
Four in five working people injured or ill due to work: Survey 12 August 2019
RBA blows whistle on Government’s wage suppression 9 August 2019
Morrison and big business could fix skills shortage 8 August 2019
Carnell review attacks workers’ rights 6 August 2019
2.1 million people working multiple jobs 1 August 2019
Government members voted for bill 24 hours after voicing human rights concerns 1 August 2019
Union members earn more in era of low wage growth 1 August 2019
CPI stalled as wage growth crisis continues 31 July 2019
Lost decade: Disposable income lower in 2017 than in 2009 30 July 2019
Government backflips to once more side with super thieves 25 July 2019
Senator shows Coalition’s true colours on super 25 July 2019
Government ditches bill that would have let super thieves walk free 24 July 2019
Calombaris gone after #MasterTheft outrage 23 July 2019
Cormann commits to super guarantee increase timetable 23 July 2019
Porter failing to address wage theft crisis 22 July 2019
Unemployment rises to 5.2% 18 July 2019
Calombaris gets $200,000 fine for $7.8m theft 18 July 2019
Auto-rollover super will win returns for workers 18 July 2019
PM’s union-bashing bill breaks international law: International think tank 18 July 2019
Government must put people before ideology on super 17 July 2019
Working people not to blame for no pay increases, inadequate workers’ rights are 16 July 2019
CEDA report misses the mark on temporary visa workers 15 July 2019
Inequality continues to rise as wealthy households seize more wealth 12 July 2019
Statement: Working people condemn arrest in Indonesia 12 July 2019
Wage crisis drives consumer confidence to two-year low 10 July 2019
Government action could deliver wage and super increases 10 July 2019
One million paying full-time bills with part-time pay 8 July 2019
Unfair Morrison tax plan will cost all of us 5 July 2019
Check your pay 5 July 2019
Cuts to deeming rates won’t go far enough 4 July 2019
More rate cuts won’t fix pay crisis 2 July 2019
Penalty rates cut again as politicians enjoy pay rise 1 July 2019
The RCEP deal a raw deal for working Australians 1 July 2019
Super changes must put working people first 30 June 2019
Porter rushes to appease big business 27 June 2019
South Korea arrests trade union leader 26 June 2019
ACTU calls on PM to kick-start wage growth 25 June 2019
Morrison’s secret agenda: an unprecedented attack on workers’ rights 24 June 2019
Unions mount legal challenge to Qantas bonus threat 24 June 2019
Historic global Convention to eliminate violence and harassment at work passed 22 June 2019
Porter steps up attacks on working people and their unions 21 June 2019
RBA Governor concerned about underemployment and low wage growth, warns cutting rates won’t be enough 20 June 2019
Equal pay fight continues fifty years after landmark case 19 June 2019
RBA raises concerns about high levels of underemployment 18 June 2019
Statement from ACTU Secretary Sally McManus on John Setka 13 June 2019
Statement from ACTU Secretary Sally McManus 12 June 2019
Sharan Burrow receives Companion of The Order of Australia 10 June 2019
Statement on John Setka 9 June 2019
Politicians pay rises almost double WPI for the last decade 7 June 2019
Second AFP raid in two days on media a disturbing threat to press freedom 5 June 2019
Morrison’s wage crisis slows GDP 5 June 2019
Further Telstra cuts a betrayal of working people and customers 4 June 2019
Rates cut to emergency levels under Morrison’s failed economics 4 June 2019
Retail sales down as wage crisis continues to bite 4 June 2019
Statement from ACTU Secretary Assistant Secretary Liam O’Brien on shadow cabinet 2 June 2019
Win for workers but long road left to Living Wage 30 May 2019
Almost half of regional businesses not complying with workplace laws 27 May 2019
Morrison has no mandate for regressive IR agenda 19 May 2019
Statement from ACTU Secretary Sally McManus and President Michele O’Neil on the passing of Bob Hawke 16 May 2019
Morrison slashing jobs and handing out contracts 16 May 2019
Unemployment up to 5.2% 16 May 2019
A cap on fixed term contracts welcomed 16 May 2019
Morrison cements legacy of record low wage growth 15 May 2019
ACTU welcomes ALP action on wage theft 15 May 2019
Minimum wage workers robbed in Morrison’s Australia 15 May 2019
Delivery riders need real rights at work 14 May 2019
Michele O’Neil first ACTU President since Hawke to address minimum wage case 13 May 2019
Women most likely to be working multiple jobs: RBA 12 May 2019
ACTU welcomes ALP plan for federal public service 10 May 2019
ACTU welcomes closure of corporate tax loopholes 10 May 2019
Desperate Morrison lashes out at working people 8 May 2019
ACTU welcomes tax haven crackdown 7 May 2019
Morrison’s failed policies stall economy 7 May 2019
Morrison minister colluded with labour hire firm on casuals: FOI 7 May 2019
Australian workers have $6b in super stolen 3 May 2019
Morrison shields radical IR agenda from voters 2 May 2019
Fiji arrests trade union leaders 1 May 2019
Morrison Government no plan on insecure work, pay 1 May 2019
63% of university jobs in Victoria are casual, as insecure jobs skyrocket 1 May 2019
Looking after children is ‘communist’ claims Tehan 29 April 2019
Industry super leads the way on governance 29 April 2019
98% of rental properties out of reach of minimum wage workers: Report 29 April 2019
ALP to lift pay of early childhood educators and slash the cost of childcare for low- and middle-income households 28 April 2019
ACTU welcomes ALP doubling family and domestic violence funding 26 April 2019
Labor acts to strengthen laws on workplace fatalities 26 April 2019
Morrison puts back a pathetic 2% of axed skills funding 26 April 2019
TV campaign features working people struggling in broken system 26 April 2019
ALP backs workers, Morrison attacks conditions 24 April 2019
ALP backs local workers, reduces exploitation 23 April 2019
Morrison leaves 1.7 million out of work or underemployed 18 April 2019
Multiple job holders earn less 18 April 2019
Morrison’s backers call for end to workers’ rights 17 April 2019
Morrison must stand up to Commbank on sackings 17 April 2019
Change the Rules election campaign kicks off in Reid 17 April 2019
Change the Rules election campaign kicks off in Robertson 16 April 2019
Change the Government, Change the Rules nationwide door knock 12 April 2019
Tax collectors without borders program welcomed 12 April 2019
Working people ready to Change the Government and Change the Rules 11 April 2019
Change the Government, Change the rules nationwide protests 10 April 2019
Morrison’s go-slow on Safe Work appointments 10 April 2019
An economic plan for a fairer Australia 5 April 2019
McManus slams Morrison for Huggies comments 5 April 2019
Tighten rules for work visas: Senate Inquiry 4 April 2019
Change the Rules NSW election campaign kicks off in Banks 4 April 2019
Morrison budget fails test on wages, fairness 2 April 2019
New ad campaign highlights Morrison’s massive education cuts 2 April 2019
‘Mathematically impossible’ for tax cuts to replace real wage growth 2 April 2019
7 in 10 Australians want action on wages in Budget 1 April 2019
National ad campaign targets Morrison on penalty rates 31 March 2019
Agreement data shows bargaining, wages broken under Morrison 31 March 2019
Working people win at Chemist’s Warehouse 28 March 2019
Morrison building laws a risk to working people’s rights: UN 28 March 2019
Change the Rules election campaign kicks off in Herbert 27 March 2019
Labor to re-instate living wage 26 March 2019
Change the Rules election campaign kicks off in Boothby 21 March 2019
Change the Rules election campaign kicks off in Leichhardt 20 March 2019
Workers in Port Kembla fighting for secure jobs 19 March 2019
Change the Rules election campaign kicks off in Bass 18 March 2019
More scrutiny needed on Self-Managed Funds 13 March 2019
Minimum wage: Fair Work should close the poverty gap over 2 years 13 March 2019
Telstra workers demand better pay and conditions 12 March 2019
Working women need urgent change 8 March 2019
Fels report falls short on worker protections 7 March 2019
Nobody should work full-time and live in poverty 6 March 2019
No wage growth slows spending, GDP growth 6 March 2019
Skilled visa system robbing local jobs and driving down wages and conditions 6 March 2019
Living standards in decline for first time in decades 5 March 2019
Over 100 organisations make joint call for urgent action to end sexual harassment at work. 28 February 2019
Building industry secret police abuse powers 27 February 2019
Majority back Industrial Manslaughter legislation, bigger union role in workplace safety 27 February 2019
Review calls for Industrial Manslaughter laws in all states 25 February 2019
Weekly earnings remain low 21 February 2019
Sally McManus meets local workers in Gladstone in campaign for pay rises and job security 21 February 2019
Real wage growth remains near record low at 0.5% 20 February 2019
Sally McManus meets local workers in Rockhampton in campaign for pay rises and job security 20 February 2019
Amended super bills will strengthen system 15 February 2019
Morrison Government bill a backdoor to casualisation 13 February 2019
Union movement celebrates Hakeem’s release 12 February 2019
Morrison government ignores threat of insecure jobs, no wage growth 11 February 2019
CDP an abject failure: PM’s report 7 February 2019
Australia needs a pay rise: Reserve Bank head 6 February 2019
Retail sales down as pay packets outpaced by living costs 5 February 2019
Letter shows Morrison and banks worked together 5 February 2019
No vindication for bank victims and staff in Hayne report 4 February 2019
Thales EBA signals huge step forward for Family and Domestic Violence Leave 31 January 2019
New research shreds Coalitions jobs record 30 January 2019
Real wage growth stalled at record low 30 January 2019
Federal court rejects Aerocare split-shift schedule 25 January 2019
BHP workers come home after Morrison refuses to act 24 January 2019
Scullion shifts deck chairs on CDP 24 January 2019
ILO calls for guarantee of basic work rights in changing economy 23 January 2019
Frydenberg offers nothing for working people 22 January 2019
40,000+ more casual jobs, but no pay rises under Coalition 22 January 2019
Number of Australian billionaires up 30% - wages flat 21 January 2019
Inquiry needed into Aussie role in Hakeem’s jailing 20 January 2019
No Minister and No Plan for Wages Crisis 19 January 2019
Morrison Government doesn’t represent working people 19 January 2019
Consumers paying the price for power privatisation 18 January 2019
Huge win for Wollongong Coal workers 17 January 2019
BHP, BlueScope end 100 years of secure shipping jobs 16 January 2019
Statement from ACTU Secretary Sally McManus on the ROC raids scandal 15 January 2019
ABC admits to systemic wage theft 10 January 2019
Proposed super changes put banks ahead of workers 10 January 2019
ACTU condemns neo-nazi rally 7 January 2019
Government’s heartless timing on Industrial Manslaughter response 20 December 2018
ALP platform sets path to fairness at work 18 December 2018
O’Dwyer announces expansion of youth exploitation scheme 17 December 2018
MYEFO revises wage growth forecasts down 17 December 2018
Super announcement will help recover stolen savings 16 December 2018
$2 billion lost thanks to 722 companies paying no tax 13 December 2018
Morrison finally caves on federal ICAC 13 December 2018
Enterprise agreement decline shows need to change the rules on bargaining 13 December 2018
ACTU welcomes ALP action on insecure work and wages 12 December 2018
O’Dwyer feigns action on insecure work crisis 11 December 2018
Half of new jobs are second jobs 11 December 2018
Two in three women sexually harassed at work 11 December 2018
Liam O’Brien elected ACTU Assistant Secretary 10 December 2018
O’Dwyer backs in big business over workers, again 10 December 2018
Australian government must intervene to protect Hakeem al-Araibi 9 December 2018
O’Dwyer stacks independent umpire with bosses 7 December 2018
New bill will do nothing to end theft of Superannuation 6 December 2018
Morrison abandons regions, energy users with Silesia snub 6 December 2018
Sharan Burrow re-elected General Secretary of ITUC 6 December 2018
Wages continue to lag as growth slows 5 December 2018
Unions Changing the Rules for working people this summer 5 December 2018
Unpaid leave will not help people escape abuse 4 December 2018
Coalition splits over insecure work crisis 4 December 2018
643,900 young people unemployed or underemployed: new report 3 December 2018
Bill too weak to eradicate modern slavery 29 November 2018
Wages stalled, all work less secure: ABS 29 November 2018
Workers holding multiple jobs being paid less: ABS 27 November 2018
Commonwealth Bank sponsorship of Australian of the Year completely inappropriate 27 November 2018
Unions to mark 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence 25 November 2018
ACTU explores intervention in Rossato case 22 November 2018
Plan for energy transition welcomed 22 November 2018
ACTU farewells Michael Borowick 22 November 2018
Super plan no substitute for paid family domestic violence leave 20 November 2018
Brisbane and Canberra rallies calling for a fair go 20 November 2018
Workers in Canberra hit the streets calling for a fair go 20 November 2018
Casuals robbed nationwide by broken work laws 19 November 2018
Win for working people in landmark Foodora case 16 November 2018
Wages stay low even as award rises kick in 14 November 2018
Nobel Prize-winner endorses sector bargaining 14 November 2018
Morrison wants to let super thieves off the hook 14 November 2018
More than 1 in 2 women harassed at work: Survey 14 November 2018
Australia still has a long way to go on pay equity 13 November 2018
ACTU supports changes to toughen Modern Slavery Bill 12 November 2018
FWO report barely scratches the surface of wage theft
8 November 2018
Wage growth continues to struggle against cost of living 7 November 2018
Morrison announces wasteful and ineffective apprentice scheme 2 November 2018
Independent body needed to oversee energy shift: report 30 October 2018
From laneway cafes to temporary workers, wage theft is Australia’s shameful business model 29 October 2018
GDP growth not generating wage growth 26 October 2018
Morrison Government soft on super theft 25 October 2018
Fair pay rises needed to save our savings 25 October 2018
Nationwide rallies calling for a fair go for workers 22 October 2018
Stolen super continues to rise 22 October 2018
O’Dwyer backs business, betrays working people 18 October 2018
Unions welcome call for uniform Industrial Manslaughter laws 17 October 2018
Change the Rules for fair pay in anti-poverty week 17 October 2018
ACTU welcomes new direction on trade 15 October 2018
Household budgets squeeze intensifies says new research 12 October 2018
Work for women harder to find, more insecure, lower paid and with fewer entitlements: ABS report 25 September 2018
Business “permanent casual” proposal could destroy permanent work 25 September 2018
Gender pay gap announcement a good first step 23 September 2018
Morrison must deliver fair funding to public schools 21 September 2018
ACTU helping people share their stories for sexual harassment inquiry 20 September 2018
Morrison allows NewStart to go backwards, punishing the most vulnerable 20 September 2018
Morrison and O’Dwyer must act on Future of Work report 20 September 2018
O’Dwyer’s platitudes, slogans and tired stereotypes can’t mask policy failure 19 September 2018
Insecure work in healthcare and social assistance hurting workers, patients, residents 19 September 2018
Melbourne Institute finds ‘Enterprise bargaining is not delivering’ 19 September 2018
Working people welcome super changes, call for immediate implementation 19 September 2018
Australia needs a pay rise – there’s no way around it 18 September 2018
Immediate $75 increase for Newstart recipients needed 17 September 2018
Ratios, reversal of funding cuts key to aged care fix 17 September 2018
The Morrison Government presides over long-term unemployment and insecure jobs. 14 September 2018
Victory after a 10-year battle against broken rules for pathology workers in Victoria 14 September 2018
ACTU calls on Morrison Government to Back Secure Jobs 13 September 2018
Rules for working women failing to end workplace sexual harassment 12 September 2018
No money, no time – O’Dwyer’s unpaid five days Family and Domestic Violence Leave falls short 12 September 2018
We must change the rules so work is fair for women 10 September 2018
O’Dwyer joins business in attack on leave rights 7 September 2018
Working people still waiting for fair share of nation’s wealth 5 September 2018
Riders still fighting for justice as Fair Work Ombudsman drops Foodora case 3 September 2018
Equal pay day a reminder of the persistent gender pay gap 31 August 2018
‘Australia needs a pay rise’: Change the Rules volunteers reach out to thousands in door knock campaign 31 August 2018
Fix bargaining for better pay: IMF 31 August 2018
O’Dwyer must resist big business pressure on casuals 30 August 2018
Productivity Commission highlights growing inequality 29 August 2018
QANTAS workers united in opposition to latest ‘bonus’ offer 27 August 2018
Sally McManus visits 1600 workers fighting to protect their job security 27 August 2018
ACTU President calls on Kelly O’Dwyer for more secure jobs and better pay 26 August 2018
Morrison means more of the same 24 August 2018
Government’s weak response to asbestos recommendations 23 August 2018
TPP legislation must be stopped 22 August 2018
Anniversary of Wave Hill cold comfort to CDP workers 22 August 2018
Turnbull’s agenda in tatters as corporate tax cut rejected 22 August 2018
Vale Laurie Carmichael 18 August 2018
O’Dwyer abandons women’s super in report response 17 August 2018
Court decision shows need for proper definition of casual work 16 August 2018
Wages going backwards for Australian workers 15 August 2018
Wages going backwards for Australian workers 15 August 2018
Casual conversion extended to hundreds of thousands 13 August 2018
ACTU gathers stories of workers hit hardest by lack of pay rises 13 August 2018
Pay going backwards for four out of five workers 10 August 2018
ACTU Congress 2018 Final Policies and Resolutions 9 August 2018
FNWA joins AEUNT for tour of Arnhem Land communities and schools 8 August 2018
ASX Guidelines must hold boards to account for investment 3 August 2018
Turnbull must act on broken work visa system after shocking wage theft allegations 2 August 2018
Australia must catch up to New Zealand on paid FDV leave 2 August 2018
ABS shows wages going backwards 1 August 2018
Australia hasn’t had a pay rise since 2009: HILDA Survey 31 July 2018
Real wage growth hits 0% 25 July 2018
Nearly thirty thousand working full-time but homeless 25 July 2018
South32 locks out safety staff on eve of anniversary of Appin disaster 24 July 2018
Unemployment rate down, but where is our pay? 19 July 2018
ACTU commits to action on national Industrial Manslaughter Laws, OHS regulatory regime, eradication of asbestos 18 July 2018
Statement on the Republic 18 July 2018
Historic MoU signals new era of cooperation to create good secure jobs 17 July 2018
AIG refuses to acknowledge crisis of insecure work 10 July 2018
Check your pay if you’re working under an award 9 July 2018
Australia must act on offshore safety to avoid repeat of disaster 5 July 2018
Sector bargaining improves employment, economic performance, equality: OECD report 5 July 2018
Turnbull’s second round of unfair penalty rates cuts hits workers 1 July 2018
Entsch gets pay rise as penalty rate cuts deepen 28 June 2018
Modern Slavery Act falls way short in current form 28 June 2018
Regional Queensland cries foul on penalty rates and corporate tax cuts 27 June 2018
Sexual harassment inquiry to shed light on broken workplace rules 21 June 2018
Turnbull’s tax plan will hurt working people, won’t create jobs 21 June 2018
Telstra job cuts a betrayal of working people and customers 20 June 2018
Statement by ACTU Secretary Sally McManus on the passing of Ted Cowell 15 June 2018
Turnbull’s insecure work crisis continues 14 June 2018
Issue a visa, “create” a job – Turnbull’s true job creation legacy 14 June 2018
“Australia needs a pay rise”: RBA boss 13 June 2018
Ombudsman forgoes impartiality to back outrageous super amnesty 13 June 2018
Unions pursue penalty rates push 13 June 2018
Organisation for CDP workers stronger than ever one year in 9 June 2018
Women lead the charge to change the rules 7 June 2018
Banks have no place in super 5 June 2018
New polling reveals voters support minimum wage rise 5 June 2018
Minimum wage increase another hard-won step towards fairness 1 June 2018
Court will find the truth on Minister’s involvement in AWU raids 30 May 2018
Only a quarter of Longman voters feel living standards have improved under Turnbull 30 May 2018
Draft PC report in danger of putting politics ahead of reform 29 May 2018
Amnesty for stolen super lets thieves walk free 24 May 2018
Turnbull Government chooses insecurity instead of jobs we can count on 24 May 2018
Jobs You Can Count On – a secure work future for Australia 23 May 2018
Australia leading the world in creating insecure work 21 May 2018
‘Super is for everyone’: ACTU backs call for super changes 18 May 2018
April jobs figures show unemployment rising 17 May 2018
Laundy claims credit for union-won wage increase he opposed 17 May 2018
Turnbull Govt has questions to answer after CFMMEU charges withdrawn 17 May 2018
Turnbull Govt has questions to answer after CFMMEU charges withdrawn 17 May 2018
Australia still waiting for a pay rise 16 May 2018
Australia needs a pay rise – ACTU makes its final arguments to commission 16 May 2018
Modern Slavery proposal will do little to stop exploitation 11 May 2018
Racist work-for-the-dole scheme survives another budget 11 May 2018
O’Dwyer puts off action on superannuation gender gap 11 May 2018
Statement by ACTU Secretary Sally McManus on the budget 8 May 2018
Tens of thousands to fill Melbourne CBD as part of Change the Rules events 8 May 2018
Thodey review panel shows government in pocket of big business 4 May 2018

ACTU News Archives

  • Pay going backwards for four out of five workers
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  • FNWA joins AEUNT for tour of Arnhem Land communities and schools
  • ASX Guidelines must hold boards to account for investment
  • ABS shows wages going backwards
  • Australia hasn’t had a pay rise since 2009: HILDA Survey
  • Modern Slavery Act falls way short in current form
  • ACTU Release - 180620 Unfair Tax Plan
  • Sexual harassment inquiry to shed light on broken workplace rules
  • Turnbull’s tax plan will hurt working people, won’t create jobs
  • Issue a visa, “create” a job - Turnbull’s true job creation legacy
  • Ombudsman forgoes impartiality to back outrageous super amnesty
  • Unions pursue penalty rates push
  • Banks have no place in super
  • New polling reveals voters support minimum wage rise